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last few days at Piedmont.

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by chopper, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Fished hard for bass in the mornings and evenings. Did alright for as hot as it is. Biggest bass was a 2 1/2 lb smalley. Several LM all on 3X ZTOO's. They look like a fluke. I like the smoke gray heavy with salt. Don't buy the floating ones. I use a #5 hook on the z too's and they sink nice and slow. They are all heavy with salt and garlic. Did some good on small white buzz baits but not like I really like. The top water bite lasts only about 45 miniutes for me. Sometimes around 6pm and sometime around dark. You have to check every so offten to see if they are hitting yet. Does anyone know where and how to fish the mud flats at Egypt bottom. This guy I know is killing nice bass there. The water is only about 2-3 feet deep. Not much water is coming in the creek. I don't know how to fsh it. Pleast let me know. He says July and Aug. is the best time for him down there. PS the small muskee are going wild at Piedmont. I was catching them in Essex bay bass fishing. Other guys were getting them too. You see them all over the surface this time of year.