Last, best chance this year?

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    creekwalker Moving water...

    Well, we finally got some rain and the river (Ohio) is coming up. It should be prime tomorrow morning.

    I rushed down this evening after work and fished for about an hour and caught one small white bass, lost something huge...carp I think, and had one other legit hit that I missed. The level at Meldahl was only 16 feet which is about normal pool, but I thought I'd give it a was better than sitting on the couch :)

    I'm going to try it again tomorrow, but if someone hits on a pattern, please post...I suspect our current will only last a few days! I think I might suffer some form of depression if I go into the winter on the slide I've been on lately :D I think I caught one hybrid all fall...last week.

    I did make it down to Greenup this weekend and managed a couple of decent sauger and did catch one decent hybrid. I was just a little out of the "sweet spot", the guy next to me was able to cast and keep a jig in the eddy and I suspect he limited out with some good eating sized sauger.

  2. was at Meldahl yesterday morning, didnt see a single hybrid caught all morning by the heavy spoon slingers,they would come an go all morning long, cast till there shoulders couldnt take it any more, then leave and the next group would show up.This happened about 4-5 times over the morning and not a fish to show. I only managed a few whities and a 13" sauger and some skippies. it was very slow there.


  3. creekwalker

    creekwalker Moving water...

    Finally some decent action today. The trib wasn't spewing mud like yesterday (and what I was hoping) so the river was starting to mix a bit, but wasn't quite muddy. I think the current was the key.

    Date: 11/27/2007
    Time: Evening
    Surface Temp: 52
    Water Clarity: Stained
    Weather: Sunny
    Target: Wipers
    From: Bank
    Baits: 3" Shad and jig, 1oz white rooster tail
    Depth: 1-12'
    Fish Count: 18+
    Species Caught: Wipers, sauger
    Notes: Since the water was starting to mix they were a little hard to find, but I found them on the front side eddy of the creek mouth, within 30' of the bank, stacked about 100 feet up river. They seemed like cookie cutter fish, most at about 3lbs, but they were biting pretty hard....harder then I would have thought for 52 degree water. I might have caught more then 18, but I was fishing barbless and getting them off the hook in a hurry and casting again...since I'm at about a 500 fish deficit this year :D

  4. Great report, Terry.
    Glad you got into them, maybe it'll hold the pattern for the weekend.
  5. MARKW6


    Great Job!!! This time of the year, current edges are the KEY! MARKW6