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I got my fish boat winterized no more boat fishing the till next Spring. My brother and I did have our last bank fishing trip yesterday, and here are the details.

Nov 18th. My brother and I took advantage of the last warm day of this year to do some catfishing from the dock. We got our lines in the OHIO river at 09:45, slight down river breeze little current. I had a hard tap at 09:55, thought it was going to be a productive day.

10:45 finally caught a fish. It was a small channel cat 16 inches and 1.5 pounds. He was too small to really run with the bait, just kept on bending the rod tip. I caught it on shad oiled chicken breast.

11:00 A guy the lives next door gave us some day old shad he has kept in a cooler overnight, so they were still firm. The shad were now the bait I started using. Bottom line we only got light taps with it. I switch back to the backup baits, but my brother stayed with the Shad.

13:10 I caught the second small Channel cat about the same size, this fish like the cherry soaked chicken breast. I kept on getting those light taps, cleaning off the chicken breast the rest of the day. My brother said he also got some light taps on the Shad as well.

We talked with guy that gave us the bait; he says the commercial fishermen have at least 5 hoop nets in the general area of that part of the river. That might be a reason only small catfish were all that we caught. Did NOT have a fish make real solid run with the bait.

Since it was such a wonderful day to be out and the weather forecast said that was going to the last decent day for this year we stay longer than usual. We finally packed it in at 16:00 and head home. That was our final trip for this year unless we get another warm
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