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Las Vegas info needed........

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Skarfer, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone! I'll be heading to Las Vegas in October with my wife.......neither of us have ever been.........and I was wondering if there was any internet site or anything we could print out coupons, or see reviews or what??

    Also - those of you who've been there - any suggestions - I'm talking mostly places to EAT - but also maybe a show or something we shouldn't miss while we're there??? We'll only be there for 4 days.......and would like to take a bus trip to the Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam one of those days............

  2. Go to Red Rock Casino. It is a newer one and outside town a little. Pretty nice place. Saw several celebs while there. Theres a crappy little taco stand down by the stratoshpere that serves up a good carne asada taco, 6 of those at 4am hit the spot. Theres alot to do, but I find wandering around and people seeing to be pretty enjoyable.

  3. Are you renting a car? If not, look at rates and think about it. You can normally find a compact for less than your taxi/bus fares and provide more flexibility. All casinos have easy access for free parking, so plan to park at a casino near the middle of an area where you want to visit. As an example, park at Mandalay and visit the casinos on that part of the strip. Park at Venitian... Downtown is worth a visit. The breakfast/lunch at the station casino on the edge of freemont steet is worth a visit. Especially breakfast.

    Other side trips: red rock casino and red rocks canyon, rio and palms (could also hit orleans for looser slots - a good place to stay as well), hard rock hotel/sams town for looser slots. Lake las vegas casino resort & lake mead/hoover dam.

    Lots of good places to eat. We tend to lead off strip for eating, normally hitting the claim jumper in henderson (great food/deserts) and gordon bierch on paradise (beer!).

    PM me if you want any more info. I like to visit every year or so, with friends out there to take me to the "locals" hangouts.
  4. Well, we were definately NOT going to rent a car out there - not with insurance liability so high in vegas.......I guess they are the only place that can CHARGE you for every DAY the car is being repaired - regardless if you're insurance covers it or not.......

    Besides - with road rage as bad as mine - I'll let someone else do the blood pressure would go so high my head would explode!

    We're planning on just cabbing it or better yet the new monorail they've got there..........

    I am interested in good places to eat and maybe a few nice nightclubs - although with 2 kids, my "staying up" power is stuck on about 9:30pm!!!! HAHA!!!!

    You can sleep when you're dead, right???
  5. My wife and I use to go out there 2-3 times a year before retirment. Lots of things to see and do. We always rented a car as soon as we got there. Taxis get expensive and neither of us care for the busses. Some of the places to see are Hover Dam (Be sure to hit the Railroad Casino near Bolder), Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley,and it is fun just driving out in the desert.Recomend you have extra water in car while driving around. June-Aug. 110-120 degrees is common. Be sure to sign up for the players clubs at each casino you go in so you get comps(free food,rooms etc.) and discounts on future trips. Best seafood buffet we found is at Flamingo. Best paying slots we found is by far the Railroad followed Fitzgarlds, have taken several jackpots from both places.
  6. Do you like seafood? If so, you must and I mean must go to the Seafood buffet at the Rio. It's the best and biggest seafood buffet you will ever experience in your opinion of course. It's $35 a head, but well worth it. And I wouldn't try to go at peak times like right at lunch or dinner, at those times it's nothing for 100-150 people to be waiting in line.

    They also have other kinds of food in the seafood buffet like mexican, italian, american, etc..... but the seafood is what it's all about.
  7. Not the only place. I rented a car in Florida (ft. myers) and they had the same deal. Just had to be as careful as possible. I took digital pictures of any dings, dents, and scratches in case they wanted to try any funny business. The rio has a buffet that's worth a visit. A station for just about every type of food. I believe you can grab a shuttle to go from the strip to rio/palms. The brewery in the monte carlo has good food and beer. We normally stop there for a lunch each trip.

    Take car when using a cab. They're as bad as the car rental agencies for grabbing cash. The meter runs when you are moving or not. Nothing worse than watching the meter crank while you sit at an intersection for a few changes of the light.

    For shopping, check out the mall area at the Venetian and Caesar's. The wynn is worth a visit as well to see how the privileged live (or play).
  8. KaGee

    KaGee Monkeywrench Staff Member

    You can't go anywhere in Vegas by cab for less than $10 one way. The traffic at night is terrible, so it will cost you more.

    Went out in May on my yearly trip. We rented a jeep one day and spent the afternoon out on Lake Meade. Rented a boat and did some exploring. Good times. ;)

    You wouldn't believe the Stripers I saw at the boat dock among the Carp begging feed from the kids. :B

  9. When I first read this, I got all excited - thought this was some sort of "secret code" or something...........till I realized you were talking about "stripers" and not "strippers"..........

    :) :)
  10. KaGee

    KaGee Monkeywrench Staff Member

    LOL! You don't have to drive out to Lake Meade to see those.
  11. I love vegas want to move there . We always stay at Palce Station it's off the strip but is only hotel with free shuttle to and from airport and strip. I am trying to get to go in october aswell for my b-day
  12. when's your b-day?? We'll be there from Oct 9-12........
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    If you like seafood stay away from the Rio buffet. VERY EXPENSIVE as mentioned above. Hop in a taxi and goto "The Orleans" casino, very short and cheap taxi ride from just about anywhere on the strip. All you can eat seafood, steak, pasta, etc.etc.etc........It's only like 13 bucks all you can eat. I swear I was in there for 2 hours.

    Hoover Dam tour is pretty lame, I regreted doing about 15 minutes into the tour. For a good priced show check out Lance Burton at the Monte Carlo.

    I've been there way too many times to count and I still can't get enough of the Belagio's water show, it's the best show in town and it's free. Downtown is worth the taxi ride too, old school Vegas! There's a new Bass Pro shop out there too, it's only a 5 minute trip past Mandalay Bay, also a nice free side trip, unless you buy something of course.
  14. You can get around really cheap on the Duce. Its a double decker bus that runs the length of the stip all the way to downtown. Its pretty slow cause it makes a lot of stops but you get to see everything and its only $5 for a 24hour pass that is good for as many rides as you want. You can get on and off at just about every casino on the strip and then the final stop is downtown. has some good tips on good and cheap eats.
    Check on the graveyard specials for really cheap food. Some places have steak and eggs for a few bucks late at night. Where are you guys staying at? Also if you play Hold-Em at all be sure to check out the poker rooms. If you want to make a little money last a long time poker is your best bet.
  15. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    I forgot, they have that new monorail there too. It's nice and also pretty cheap. It runs from the Las Vegas Hilton to MGM Grand (with stop all between) which is pretty much the whole length of the strip. It saves you alot of walking. If you think a casino looks pretty close it's most likely going to be a 45 minute walk away, they are huge! Definately check that out.
  16. Few things to consider with the monorail. Its pretty expensive, $5 per ride. I think you can get a day pass for $15. It does not have many stops along the srip and where it drops you off at is at the back of the buildings and its a long walk just to get to the casino that you were dropped off at. The Duce drops you off right at the front and makes more stops. You dont get to see much riding the monorail where the Duce goes right down the stip so you get to see everything.
  17. That's really good info! Thanks! We were planning on riding the monorail everywhere - but it seems the "duce" is the way to go! Thanks! That really helped out alot!!!!
  18. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    Monorail is $35.00 for 10 rides, and you can split them up between 2 people. I thought it was pretty reasonable considering all the walking it will save you.