Largest Fish You Ever Caught

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    Just landed the largest Bass I've ever caught. Not a world's record by any means but it was enough to make me grin. Let's hear some fish stories!
  2. My largest fish was a 200 pound hammerhead shark.

  3. thecomicist

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    Interesting Story. Not a good one. No details. Sounds too much like the truth.
  4. cantsleep

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    My personal best was a 34 in Pike caught on Deer Lake in NW Wisconsin. I was maybe 14, and had never even seen one til' then. He didn't fight much, just felt real heavy, until he saw the boat and then he exploded! When I finally got him up, all I could see was teeth. I really was afraid I'd somehow hooked a 'gator.:)
  5. carxman17

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    My largest fish was the muskie I caught this summer 42" est. at 20lbs. other than cats at pay lakes. but I dont cont them!!
  6. LMRsmallmouth

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    My biggest fish was a 45" striper in Connecticut while I was in the service. Caught it using live eels, we fished for them 2-3 times a week for the 6 yrs I was there, good times!
  7. iteech

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    I'm pretty far from exciting--mine is mundane, I'm afraid. Catfish that came in at 23 pounds and nearly pulled me into the water (I didn't expect it--was throwing a little roostertail to get bass or crappie and the cat hit it!) It was a ball. Someplace on the LMR, I think--can't recall, but pretty sure--it was a long time ago. Best bass was 7 lbs 2 oz, but I caught that in a private pond. Hooked a huuuuge bass at Kiser three summers ago, but he flipped off before I could bank him...he jumped high twice, and two experienced fishermen beside me estimated him (her?) at 8-9 pounds. I would have said 10, but then again it was on MY line. :p Caught a 1 lb 3 oz bluegill in a private pond. Caught a disgusting, nasty carp that I would not touch, but someone fishing near me got it off and weighed it--14 pounds. Can't remember where. (Not only am I OLD, I'm also a blonde, and the combination is practically lethal for memory;)). Went fishing in the ocean, but refused to fish after an hour, because I could not identify what I pulled up and that WAS THAT for me. The 3rd thing I pulled up that looked like something from a scary movie--then I sat down. I'll take the banks of a familiar old pond any time...:)
  8. soua0363

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    Longest Fish: 36" tiger muskie I caught at Lake Milton Dam in Northeast Ohio. I caught it on a beetle spinner type rig while crappie fishing. It hit the bait as soon as it hit the water and at first I thought it was a carp because all I saw was an orange bulge that came up and then my rod loaded up. I was around 14 at the time and it was the biggest fish that I ever caught at the time regardless of weight or length.

    Heaviest: 28# flathead catfish at Miami Whitewater. I caught it on a goldfish bottom fishing.
  9. 140 pound Bluefin Tuna...It filled alot of cans
  10. My heaviest fish - i.e. one that I actually took the time to weigh - was a 14 llb 2 oz walley caught on the Manistee River Michigan, below Tippee Dam while fly fishing for chromers. Caught it on a #18 Bead Head Prince nyph. The fish that I am most proud of was a 24" brown caught on the upper Manistee during the Hex hatch. [​IMG]
  11. It isn't the biggest I ever caught, but at 5 or 6 yrs old, it was the one that hooked me for life on FISHING. :p (for next several years it was the biggest fish I had caught)

    Went fishing with my dad and end up catching a very fat 16 inch rainbow trout. Before that fish, I had caught may a brookies and a couple of rainbows. Nothing bigger than 6-8 inches.

    I was fishing with a fly and bubble set up (clear float with a 2ft leader and a fly at the end). It was a slow morning, I was just about ready to quit and go play in the creek when my dad said he caught a fish. So I threw my line out 1 last time. About a couple of feet off shore is where it hit. It jumped a few times and then ran deep. My dad heard the splashing, looked to see what was happening as I was being pulled toward the water. He came over quickly to help me out. I nearly lost my pole as it pulled me into the lake. I slide down the gravel bank and was in the water about ankel deep before my dad got to me to help hold the pole (and me from going into the lake). I was so excited. After what seemed like forever, I finally landed the fish. After a couple of pictures of me with the fish. I was back to fishing for GOOD. My parents had a very hard time getting me away from the lake (or any body of water) from then on.

    From that day on, I still can't wait to get out and catch another :B .
  12. Salt: 6' striped Marlin also caught a 46# and a 26# Mahi Mahi same day. Kona, Hawaii
    Fresh: 24lb blue cat, Ohio

  13. TeamPlaker

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    Okay, now I want to get in on this... mine are not as glamourous. Biggest catch was a 48 lb. flathead back when I used to fish for catfish. My best catch was my first muskie, which was a month ago, 30 incher (not a monster), he hit my lure 2 feet from the bank and scared the holy crap out of me. Jumped once and my heart stopped because I had hooked a few before but always lost them at the first jump, but luckily not this time. My buddy Gerry, grabbed the net jumped in the water and scooped him right up. Snapped a pic and put him right back in. Went back the next week and I caught a 36.5 incher. Been addicted to ski's ever since.... haven't caught one since. :)
  14. The biggest fish for me just came this month. Caught this 36’’ pike using an xrap out of Lake Huron. Gave me a nice fight with 3 big runs.

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  15. My biggest ever was a 47lb FLathead that I caught last year from an MWCD lake, I also caught a 45in 22lb Musky Last year from Killbuck Creek and a 10lb Erie Walleye...

    My biggest fish this year is a 27lb Flathead from the Tusc, and my personal best river fish!
  16. Largest I have caught is a 55 pound flathead. Hooked up fishing from shore and then got into a small boat with another fisherman who is an expert flathead fisherman. Fish towed us around for a while and I finally reeled the boat into the fish. I couldn't believe what I saw when the flathead swam past and away from the boat........looked too big to be true. The flat finally tired after (???????) how long and was netted.

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    so its a secret on the size then?
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    now thats funny. no details or anything in yours sounds like the truth too