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Larger bass?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Saildog, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. I've been fishing a new spot this year...a friend's family has a great 3 acre pond. Super place...his grandpa stocked it 20+ years ago with largemouths, crappie and bluegill and the place has woods surrounding 80% of it (little if no shore fishing, or fishing pressure at all for that matter).

    We try to fish it once a week. During the spawn we were pulling in 3 lb+ largemouths pretty regularly, but for the last few weeks it's been rare to see anything over 2 pounds. Still having a blast catching a dozen 1 to 1-1/2 pounders every time we go, but it would be nice to lay into some bigger fish.

    With the size of the pond and the amount of cover (banks are all lined with brush that extends 3'+ over the water), I've been reluctant to throw crankbaits or spinnerbaits. You'd fish the entire pond in 15 minutes with those, not to mention getting hung up constantly. Most of our luck has come from Senkos and 7-1/2" Culprits rigged weedless with no weight.

    Any ideas? The pond is deep (25' in the middle and 6'+ when you get 10' off the shore). Most of the bass seem to be laying up under the brush.
  2. Have you guys stuck to bank fishing? If so, then I'd throw texas rigged out twords the middle......with it being hotter out, the larger bass will more than likely be holed up twords deeper water.

    I've got the same thing as you - 2 acre private pond my cousin owns. No woods surrounding though - you can walk all the way around. I just caught a 7.5+ lber monday night out of there! I was fishing rubber worm, texas rigged (as always) and was throwing OUT twords the middle where I caught him - along with 5 otheres 2-3lb range. I've caught VERY few against the shore the last few weeks.........

    Hope this helps.

    By the way - if you ever need a fishing partner - I'm only a few minutes away!!!! I live in Massillon!

    Where in canton do you live??? Send me a PM if you want............

  3. The reasons I think you are not catching bigger bass:
    1) they have moved to deeper water: although they may come into the shallows to feed they will spend more of their time in deeper or slightly deeper water with quick access to deep water such as ledges and drop offs.
    2) bigger bass have a smaller strike zone and are not as willing to chase a lure.
    3) time of year: bass have started to settle into thier summer pattern and will not be feeding as much until things start to cool down and winter approaches.

    I would fish jigs, tubes and texas rigged worms like skarfer was saying. Also skip casting tubes and weedless frogs under the overhanging brush at sunset would probably work pretty good too. There are bound to be some big fish in there, possibly aproaching 10 lbs however they are much harder to catch than the 1 & 1 1/2 lbers that you are catching.
  4. This time of year especially, I would go with a 1/4 oz buzzbait. I was fishing a lake last night with my son. He was using a 1/8 oz tiny buzzbait and caught several 12 inch fish. I was using a 1/4 oz buzzb ait and I caught two 16 inch fish. The larger baits seem to produce the larger fish. I will caution you though, once you experience the strike on a topwater lure, you may not be able to go back to those senkos. If there is any moss on the lake, try a topwater frog. A popper is an exciting way to catch the fish as well. And finally if you want to try to catch the boss largemouth, catch a small bluegill and hook it through the dorsal fin, toss it out and wait. Just my two cents worth. Oh by the way I usually fish out of a float tube which heightens the experience of catching a three pound bass. I have a spare, so If you want me to show you the ropes on that pond, just let me know LOL.

  5. I have a two man bass hunter I bought off another OGFer a month or so ago. Works awesome.

    This pond has very little weed cover. It flows a good bit of water through the overflow system and into another (smaller) pond on the same property. The brush around the banks grows down to (and into) the water, so there is no pitching/flipping around the banks.

    All of the bass in this pond are lazy right now. If you miss by a foot, even the little ones will pass it up. I can cast to the same places five times (moving a foot or so each time) and that fish won't hit until the sixth cast.

    I did try topwater a couple of weeks back without any luck. Might be worth a second try, but I think I'll give the jigs a shot.

    Unfortunately, I'm already the "guest" on this property. I don't even go there by myself...only when my buddy (who's family owns it) is along.
  6. No Worries. I was just kidding about tagging along. I was fishing with topwater a couple weeks ago and found the bite to be slow. The recent hot weather has brought the water temps up and I usually catch more fish on top when the tmps are higher. It is more of a reaction bite I think. All places can be different though. This may be a little contrary to some of the early posts, but I must admit that I really do not like to fish slow with soft plastics. What rings my bell is seeing the topwater strike. Have fun and it looks like you are going to figure this place out.

  7. Early morning or before sunset. Usually the larger bass will start coming in shallow when the water cools down.

    I was fishing out of a friends pond, which I know have pretty big bass in it, all day with nothing to show but the smaller 1-2lber. Until the sun started setting then the 3-4lbers started moving into the shallows. Cuaght them on topwater baits.

    You just gotta adapt to the situation...if one thing is not working try something else.
  8. I've caught the biggest bass "known" caught in three different ponds by using live bluegills in the deepest part of the pond during the summer. Caught some 4" or so bluegills from the same pond, hooked them with a large worm hook near the tail, fished them with some weight (slip sinker and split shot to keep the weight away from the bait) in the deepest part of the pond. Kept the bail open and let 'em run a bit before setting the hook.

    Hooking the bluegill near the tail is important for a clean release since it takes the bluegill head first (normally), keeping the tail out of its throat if you don't let it run too far. Also caught some suprise big cats while fishing for bass this way.
  9. I think fishing may be the key to world peace if a Massillon Tiger wants to hook up with a Canton Bulldog. lol I lived in Massillon for about a year and was dumbfounded by the interest in high school football by EVERYONE. The first thing my new foreman wanted to know was if I was a Tiger fan. lol
  10. The reason you are probably catching 2lb. fish instead of 3lb. fish may be because they lose weight during the hot summer. They do not feed as readily when the waters are hot and actually lose some weight. This is based on an In-Fisherman article this month. During the spring and fall when they are gorging themselves you should see the bigger fat fish again. Depending on fishing pressure of course.
  11. Sounds like Banjo Minnow territory all the way, Baby!!! Or maybe some Gulp products like the minnow or jerk shad!
  12. Hit the pond again early Sunday morning. I added a small fish finder to learn the depths and we were surprised by how much the pond had silted in since it was built. When built 25-30 years ago, the center of the pond was 25' deep with much of it over 18'. Now there are few areas over 10'. It is adjacent to a large crop field, so I guess it shouldn't be too suprising that this would happen. But on a good note, there is a lot of area in the 6'-8' range that is under trees and brush.

    We were able to get into some bigger fish (the largest went 3 lbs 6 oz) and managed a total of 11 bass in three hours. All came on Culprits. I tried jig fishing for about a half hour, but between the muck bottom and the number of sticks I found it wasn't much fun. We'll try again when I have a little more time.