Largemouth Bass

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  1. CONGRADULATIONS!! That is an AWESOME fish! It sounds like it's BIG FISH time around here!! Pikemaster you had a evening you'll never forget-good job!
    So many times you hear about that one getting away.

  2. Congratulations on a heckuva nice fish!
  3. where do you catch a fish like that?
  4. yeah for sure atlantic taxidermy
    its online. i just got a 5 1/2 bass back from them
    nice turnaround ratio: under a month
    i think you're looking at 200-300 dollars
    i looked all over and they had the most realistic looking replicas out there, it looks like the real thing not a rubber toy like a lot of replicas do

  5. You should change the thread headline to " HUGE LARGEMOUTH BASS" nice job.
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    Pikemaster might have to change your name bassmaster after that one.Nice fish, a real trophy for NE Ohio.Looks like that smile measured 25" too...........Mark
  7. Sorry folks, that sure does not look like a 9# bass, it looks like a 5 or a 6 # bass
  8. chaunc

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    No one asked for your opinion. Weigh your own fish.
  9. I like that one.:p:p:D

    I agree with Chaunc. Go troll somewhere else PLEASE.
  10. OK, so we have a bunch of people who do not know there read end from a hole in the ground, thanks for clearing that up
  11. smells like an online argument...hahahaha. Nice fish man.