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    Hey all my laptop recently came in contact with my 2 year old and now has a broken LCD screen. I opted for buying a new one since the repair was 350$ if I had a shop do it or 180$ if I attempted it myself. Anyways Ive basicly been using it as a desktop PC by adding an old monitor I had and it still works fine. So my ? is can I remove the broken LCD screen from the computer base and leave the ribbon cable just disconected or will this cause a video card error? If no one is sure I just may try it but wanted to see if anyone knew for sure. Thanks and Happy Holidays
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    It is not complicated to replace the LCD panel. Lots of little screws and the delicate ribbon connectors but this is not a technical repair. I don't think there is any risk in removing the panel and having the cable unterminated. However, if you were to not replace the panel I would disconnect the cable from the video subcard rather than having the cable hanging out. You would have to remove at least the keyboard assembly depending on how your notebook is put together. On another note, I would be surprised if a replacement panel cost more than $75 on eBay. What kind of notebook are we talking about here?

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    Check Ebay for a replacement screen. Sometimes you can find another complete defective laptop to cannibalize.
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