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  1. My wifes lap top keeps freezing up after running for a very short time. Nothing I try is working, now what? Please and thank you. She needs it for her college courses.
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    brand? cpu? memory? operating system? service pack level? does it do it in safe mode? bios revision?

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    If this computer is freezing up but you can get it to run long enough to try the restore feature the XP windows has.try it.less it has no XP really say I need know windows you got installed.each version has differant ways.thus it be hard say any more on is a quickie.if its windows thats the problem.and you can not get it to run long enough to use the restore you likely will need reinstall windows.if it is a program that when you try to use it and it freezes the programs not rite.reinstall it.theres the old stand by F8 to get it into safe mode to try the restore.( XP windows) as rest may not have this restore I said each version has it's own way to go.thus with what you gave me is not enough to really go likely have a minor problem.but I need really see and try it my self to get it back in action.
  4. Freezing up and staying on or freezing up and shutting down? Is it getting hot or at least hotter than before? Recent downloads or installs that correspond to when the problem started occuring? Noise from the hdd? How old is it?