lantern in the shanty?

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  1. Is it safe to have a lantern in a fully closed shanty, or would it not be safe because of the fumes?
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    no its fine just leave the door cracked a bit u.. u should have enough air flow no matter what kind of shanty u have

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    POP, if you use a propane heater, you'll be alright but i wouldn't use any gas or kerosene heater in that little shanty. Those fumes will build up fast. A propane lantern kept me nice and warm in it.
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    Most shanties have small air vents located somewhere on the canvas that are closed or opened by a velcro flap............Mark
  5. my mr. buddy works well in the shanty, has a safety device thats shuts off the heater if the oxygen gets low in there. Has never shut off yet and I'm still here, lol
  6. thats what mine has...but mark would know...rex bought 6 off him!!!:)
  7. Any of you fellow Ice fisherman ever fish this little lake in Northwest Oh?. Would like to get a little history on how you do there. I have never been there at all so any help on the fishing would be great. I am looking for crappie , gills or perch. Size would be helpful also. I have been told there is nice pike in the lake but never fish for them. Hope we get the Ice soon because I am starting to get wackey from sitting around the house.
  8. I know folks with a place on Nettle Lake and they invite me to come up and fish it. They don't fish.

    I have heard of JUMBO perch, but far and few between. I have heard of nice crappie as well.

    Have been told it is one of the only natural lakes in NW Ohio.

    If you ever want to hit it through the ice let me know. I would love to put some of these "rumors"to rest.

    I have a shanty/marcum/other gear to share if need be.

    My folks are from Putnam County.

  9. I have never done much good there summer or winter,,as for natural lake I guess it is but if the dam were gone it might just be a creek