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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Skarfer, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Well, today is the day! HAHA! My co-worker and I are heading up there today during lunch to check it out......I need to re-stock some plastics and weights..........

    Sure wish they offered discounts for OGF members!
  2. ShakeDown

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    Only those with a sticker :D

    They do offer an OGF discount I do believe ;)

  3. WHAT??? Well heck! I need a sticker then!

    We're leaving here in a few..........hope the wife doesn't blow a gasket when I come home with LOADS of new stuff! HAHA!

    I have my 'shopping list' all ready......went on their site and wrote down things I want to look at and buy.

    I just know I'll be walking around in there with this look on my face like a horny dog and drool coming down my chin...........haha.
  4. OK! I just came back! WOW!!! That place is sa-weet! I could definately go BROKE in there............
  5. ShakeDown

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    Did they give you a discount?
  6. No.....I mentioned how I have been meaning to get up there since they they were always talked about on OGF - where I'm a member.......

    guy says "oh really? good guys on there......"

    that was it - but then again, I didn't come right out and ask for a discount either - maybe that was my fault.


    I bought some bullet weights - screw in kind (love those) - anyhow I bought the unpainted ones and they weren't priced he looked online or something and said they were $3.79. Well, the BLACK painted ones were $3.99 and the RED and WATERMELON ones were $ the store.

    Well, I just looked online and see that all of the painted ones (black,red and watermelon) are priced at $3.79 online........

    What's up with that?? Are the prices IN STORE more expensive than the internet store prices?? I thought the prices online were the same as instore????? I bought 7.5" YUM ribbontail worms for $3.49 a pack - same price online too.....

    I'm cornfused........
  7. ShakeDown

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    Next time you go, shoot a PM to Big Daddy...he might have some coupons available for LBF.
  8. Ok - I live literally 20 min south on 93 from there........I can't believe this is my first time up there since they opened........

    I think I'm going to start having my mail forwarded up there........HAHA! I'm going to start signing over my paychecks to them too.