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  1. As the weather warms and the ice melts, it means one thing... CRAPPIE FISHING! Join me, Carl "Big Daddy" Bachtel and my son Nick for my annual "Spring Crappie Fishing" seminar. It'll be at Land Big Fish, Thursday March 12, 7:30PM. We'll cover our tactics for catching more and bigger crappie. Nick may even give away a few jigs he's been working on, and of course, we'll have a few samples of Microspoons, great jigs for catching crappie.

    That's just the warm up for the following... :)

    Had enough fun on the ice yet? Or just waiting for open water? Well, it won't be long now. Coming March 14 and 15, "Land Big Fish" will be holding their Spring Open House. Awesome deals on tackle for all your fishing needs. Come meet bass fishing prefessional Joe Balog. For more details, click the link.


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  2. Buy 3 Yum, get the fifth for free.

    I love this advertised special on the link.

  3. I was there last year. I highly recommend it, lots of good tips and info.

  4. What happen to the fourth? LOL;)
  5. dynamite1298

    dynamite1298 shore fisherman

    does it cost anything for the class
  6. I will be there. I have been wanting to meet Big Daddy for a long time.I think the seminar will be very informative. Marked the date on my calendar.
  7. Nope. Seminar is free.

    If you want to make a donation to Nick and his fishing tournament entry fees, he'd be grateful. LOL ;):)
  8. Carl, might be a good idea for those wanting to attend where and how do you get there once in the area.

  9. Definitley gonna try and make that one Big Daddy.I have been talking back and fouth via e-mail with Joe about a possible trip in the spring or fall for pig smallies and this will give me an opportunity to meet the man face to face.:p See ya on that saturday.
  10. looking to buy a 16ft alum v bottomboat wondering if you guy knew anyone that has one. dont mind if it needs a little work thanks
  11. are you going to be stocking any microspoons.

  12. try posting this in the market place
  13. I have some to show off to everyone and Microspoons has provided a special giveaway that will be revealed at the seminar.

    Gotta keep you guessing! :D
  14. What is Land Big Fish? I would love to come. How much does it cost?
  15. Land Big Fish is a tackle store.

    It costs nothing. If you want to show up, show up.

    Directions available in another post in the thread and you can learn all about them in the following link..

  16. Great job on the seminar tonight Nick. Your dad did alright also. Very informative.
  17. triton175

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    Thanks Carl for doing a good job at the crappie seminar. Nick did a great job too.
    The wife learned quite a bit too and she's eager to try some of your methods.
    Thanks for telling us about all of the secret hot spots at Delaware!
  18. Here's another tip...

    On the website "My Outdoor TV" whick links from time to time with OGF, you can watch "Midwest Crappie" with Russ Bailey. Russ is an OGF member and stops in from time to time. Anyway, do a search for his show and you'll see several there. One of them is drifting Delaware for crappies... They even show you how to tie up a loop rig.

    There... Now I'm giving away all my secrets. ;):D
  19. Good job at the seminar guys! Now all I have to do is find the time to get out there and get some.
  20. BIG T

    BIG T

    Check the bulliten bord at rod makers in strongsville oh, saw a couple lund for sale
    big t