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  1. I've been to Cabelas in WV. Bass Pro Shop at Myrtle Beach and Fin Feather and Fur in Ashland but today I saw the Mecca of fishing lures. LBF is by far the best of all of them for lure selection. They have so much stuff that the bait monkey went into convulsions. lol It's an hour away for me but it is well worth the drive. I'll never order from BPS again. If you have not been there you owe it to your bait monkey I mean self to go check it out.
  2. :F Hi lacab. just one question where is LBF located

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  3. Its off of 93 in the plaza with harbor freight jusst go to
  4. It's just south of Akron. This place is "The King" of artificial bait shops that are brick and mortor. Selection is awesome.

  5. Is this over near Portage Lakes?
  6. check out their ad that is amost always on the right of your screen.. they have a big sale coming up on march 8th... there is a mapquest link right in there....
  7. Cabela's and BPS have nothing on LBF. I live 15 min away from it and Im so happy they opened up. I go visit them every once in awhile just to shake the cabin fever.

    Their lure selection is beyond BPS and Cabela's. I now dont have to get raped on shipping charges from both sites.

    I think that even if BPS came to Akron, LBF would still do fine.
  8. Pretty sure its Manchester Rd.... south of 224/I-76. Its west of 77 and east of 21.

    yep.......3333 Manchester Rd.
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    They're having a big 'open house' type thing next weekend.
  10. Been there several times to buy Reef runners. Supplies are
    either sold out or havent been replenished. Good selection
    on dipseys, jets etc. Spoon selection could be larger for the
    erie fisherman. Has to have the best rapala selection in the
    state. If your a bass fisherman you will go nuts. Tons of plastics
    and cranks. Glad to see something like this so close to home.
  11. great store for anything a bass fisherman would want.i bought a good bit of soft plastic lures,an manged to buy a few crankbaits to. if you are any ways near land big fish i wouldn't want to think you would want to miss it.
  12. I wish they had some decals to give out I would be more than happy to throw one on my truck. I just want to support them and keep them around for a long time, that place is just unbelievable.
  13. I asked about t-shirts. They don't have any yet but plan to in the future.
  14. I was there couple weeks back, what an awesome store! I was drooling all over myself at the selection of plastics they have - especially the YUM isle!!!!! I was in heaven.....and trust me - I'll be back many more times, I only live 15min from there!
  15. Hello everyone,
    Jeff here from LBF, we apprecaite the feedback and support. We are working hard in providing top rate selections for bass, walleye, steelhead, catfish and panfish fisherman. Spring is near, and more stock arrives daily. So keep stopping at the store or give us a ring at 330.644.8211.

    Now the good stuff, this coming weekend. Saturday, March 8th, 9Am to 6PM.


    We have buy 3 get the 4th for free on: Lucky Craft, Berkley Gulp, Berkley Powerbait, Bomber, Cavitron, Megastrike, Spro Bronzeye frogs and Aruka shad, Storm, Rapala, Strike King, Venom, Roboworm, Gambler, Buckeye Lures, Michigan Stinger, Southern Pro and Yozuri... with maybe a couple others.

    We have buy 4 get the 5th for free on: Yum


    Buy 3 War Eagle items, get a War Eagle Buzzbait for free (Given at register). Buy 3 Poor Boy items, get a bag of Fat Darter or the Bug for free (Given at register).

    More specials include...

    For every $50 spent in Berkley baits, get a Berkley Beanie stocking hat for free. (Given at register)
    For every $50 spent in Storm baits, get a Storm Deep Thunderstick for free. (Given at register)
    For every $125 spent in Rapala baits, receive a Lock ’n Grip™ 25lb. Digital Scale (Given at register)
    For every $50 spent in Strike King baits, get a Strike King Spinnerbait for free. (Given at register)


    G.Loomis: For each rod purchased, get an entry ticket for our G.Loomis rod giveaway. Rod Model: To be Announced

    Daiwa: For each rod purchased, get an entry ticket for our Daiwa rod giveaway. Rod Model: Daiwa Team Daiwa S Worm/Jig Rod TDS661HRB $109.99 Value

    Daiwa: For each reel purchased, get an entry ticket for our Daiwa reel giveaway. Reel Model: To be announced

    Shimano: For each rod purchased, get an entry ticket for our Shimano rod giveaway. Rod Model: Shimano Compre $79.99 Value

    Shimano: For each reel purchased, get an entry ticket for our Shimano reel giveaway. Reel Model: Shimano Citica D Reel CI100DSV $119.99 Value

    Powell: For each rod purchased, get an entry ticket for our Powell rod giveaway. Rod Model: Powell 763 MLFG $199.99 Value

    Quantum: For each rod purchased, get an entry ticket for our Quantum rod giveaway. Rod Model: Quantum Kinetic Spinning Reel KT20PTIAS $79.99 Value

    Quantum: For each reel purchased, get an entry ticket for our Quantum reel giveaway. Rod Model: Quantum Energy Tour Spinning Rod QES664F $149.99 Value

    Pflueger: For each reel purchased, get a Shakespeare Tackle Pack for free.

    Pflueger, All-Star and Shakespeare: For each reel,rod or combo purchased, get an entry ticket for 1 of 5 prizes. Prizes: 2 All Star Gear Bags, 3 Shakespeare Ugly Stick Rods

    If weather permits and it is not too cold, free hotdogs and hamburgs will be cooked outside. Wash it all down with free coffee, bottled waters and orange drink.

    All details about the store, sale, plus a mapquest link can be found at:

    As you can see, it should a great day. We welcome all, hope to see you there. Call me personally if you have any questions. 330.644.8211 Jeff, owner at LandBigFish.

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for the opportunity to service your tackle needs.
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  17. You can order directly from the website...
  18. Nobody mentioned the INCREDIBLE selection of panfish plastics! I have to avoid that isle to protect my wallet! It is the most diverse selection in size, shape, and colors you could find ANYWHERE! There are even items that I have never even seen and the fish probably haven't either. All I have to say for the White Bass, Crappies, Skipjacks, and all panfish is "welcome to my cooler"! Then.......There is the AMAZING hook selection. I have never come across a more comprehensive and well thought out hook selection anywhere! He has everything from the little mosquito hooks I like for finesse panfishing all the way up the heavy gauge hooks I need for my big cats! There are a few more items that he needs to make him my one stop shop for everything. The owner's name is Jeff and he seems to be a really nice guy. He has been very open to suggestions I have made for items that I feel he needs to stock. All in all I think he has a good start for a truly great store and he has secured my future business. Cameron
  19. I have been looking at their site for a little while and think I finally have it all hashed out what I wanna buy. The trouble is I got to wait til I get paid next week to make the order. Its going to easily be a $200 order. There is some great stuff on there that you cant find anywhere. If I would of found this shop in Dec. I would of definately made the drive to check it out. For now I will just stick to my internet order until next winter approaches. It reminds me of how Fishermans Warehouse used to be.

  20. Hay Guys.....Got me all excited when I saw LBF's Spring Sale Post was ready to head out in the morning..........Than the big light bulb flashed on....another 6 to 8 inches of s--w ....stay off the roads unless it is very necessary...So I guess i'll miss this sale but will be going down as soon as I can.
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