Lancaster Air Show Pictures

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by wackyworm, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Here are a few pictures from the Wings of Victory air show at the Fairfield Co. airport in Lancaster, Ohio. As usual it was a very good show that I always enjoy. Nice size crowd, great flight line viewing thats real close to the action.






  2. ezbite

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    outstanding photos again, wackyworm. i gotta change my wallpaper

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    Awesome pics, we were watching the tandom jet and single-engine on the bypass while headed to Logan for some canoeing. Pretty sweet.
  4. great pictures - what lens did you use?

    We went to the Dayton show couple of weeks ago - it was my first air show and I just could not believe how well organized, exciting and interesting it was.
  5. Thanks... I use a Sigma 50-500 mm lens attached to a Nikon D70s. Very versatile lens with a bit of a zooooooom.:)
  6. Buick Riviera

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    Nice job as always. Thanks, I enjoyed your pics.
  7. once again i was on call for this one......and dayton........ and last years at rickenbacker....(sigh).....but again you came through with some exellent pics. have you ever been to clevelands air show? that is an awsome show,like you said u can get real close to the flight line and its right on the lake with a nice breeze to keep you cool, ithink its this wknd or the first wknd in september.........again thankx for posting great pics.
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    Nice job wackyworm. I especially like the heritage flight shot. I was there also. You also did a good job on the MIG, that thing was moving so fast I couldn't get a good shot of the afterburners.

    I was in front by the MIG and P-51 and could almost touch the planes as they taxied by.

    That show was even better than last year, awesome!
  9. Thanks again... I have never made it to the Cleveland show, sounds like a good setting though.
  10. Nice pics. I didn't make the show this year, but was there last year. That MIG was awesome.