Lambos @ Hocking Hills

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  1. I went to Hocking Hills on Sun and started at Old Man's Cave. When I got there I saw about 20 Lamborghinis and Ferraris. I think there were a few other italian cars there too. Wow what a sight to see. From a site I found a little info about their event ( ). I took a couple of pics. I got to see them drive from Old Man's Cave to the Rock House through the country roads. I noticed someone was filming the drive, I wonder if I can find it posted somewhere. Does anyone know more about this event?

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  2. nice cars.....but all that money could have went towards a new Silverado & Bass Boat:)

  3. Or two of each, but what I would do to have one of those cars. :(
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    Cool pics and the site was cool too.
    Its hard to believe the largest Lambo dealer in the USA is in Ohio.
  5. one of the kids in my cad class has a lambo. he is obsessed with cars and planes. that is all u will hear him talking about.
  6. I want this one.

    Diablo VT :drools: It's only $138,000. I think I might buy it this week after I get paid. :rolleyes: You think that have a tow package for these? :D
  7. That looks like a 300 mph car, watch out rt 33 bypass
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    Of course its only a slot car!
    The second pic is the actual car I modelled.
    Made my own decals & everything.

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  9. I'll try to keep it under 250 mph. :D
  10. cools pics that would be a suprise fishing and hot cars. personally i dont like the lambos like i do ferraris but both very sharp vehicles, and theres no way i could justify paying that much for a car unless it was pocket change. wow ohio hsa the largest lambo dealer in the country now thats suprising, but isnt a shocker, thats all i see in springboro ohio, that along with bentlys and ferraris.