Lakes with no Motor Restrictions

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  1. Can anyone let me know a couplf of lakes in the SE Ohio area that do not have a motor restriction. Was told that Wolf Run and Salt Fork both had a 9.9 hp limit. We would like to take the boat out for the 4th but not sure where we can go. Any help would be great. Thanks
  2. Seneca Lake allows up to 400 hp.

  3. Thanks , I do not have anything close to that but that might be fun :) Hows the fishing on Senaca ?
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    i don't know about wolf run,but salt fork is not a limited lake.
  5. Thanks Spot for the link , I think I am going to hit Seneca lake this week-end for some bass. Any suggestions ?
  6. Just a note, I think Seneca has a limit of 299 hp.
  7. Salt fork doesn't have a limit - I've seen some BIG boats runnin there!
  8. This is correct, run your twin V8s out there and you'll get a ticket.