lakes with in 1 hour of cambridge

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  1. i was just wondering what lakes,river,creeks there are with in a hour drive of cambridge that has a fear amount of flatties caught out of it each year
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    too many to mention:p ;)

  3. hahaha...i know there is alot but i have tried a few of them with no luck unless im doing something wrong i dont know i was just lookin for a new spot to try....
  4. Whats wrong with the Muskingum?I've been doin pretty decent this year down below Zanesville
  5. salt fork
    wills creek
    stillwater creek
    sugarcreek river
    tuscarawas river
    ohio river

    thats just a start off the top of my head...i'm sure others will add to the list
  6. i havent made it down there in awhile......i might go try again this weekend but i was kinda lookin for something closer to home!i have only gottin 2 out of saltfork,1 small one from seneca,0 out of cambridge res,0 out of clendening,0 out of tappen,0 out of wolf for the tusk. river and the ohio river i have no idea where there is any public areas to fish at
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    well,you just asked where they were caught by others,not where you could catch them:D;)
    if you can't catch one from the above list,there's no need to add to it;)

    btw,just messin' with you,LOL.
    just remember that even longtime top flathead fishermen put in lots more fishless hours than you would think;)
  8. well before i moved here to byesville i lived on the muskingum river in bluerock(gatesport area)and every night i would catch atleast one over 30 pounds now i been fishing the inland lakes and aint getting has to be my fishing i swear it
  9. I'll have some pics from the Muskingum after the weekend for ya;)
  10. hahaha.....i hope you get the big ones,with the ol'lady permitting i am gonna be in the philo-gatesport area someplace friday night
  11. I'll be in Duncan Falls doin 12 oz curls and waiting and waiting and oh yea.I've been havin some luck on small(7-10 inches) live sheephead lately.If you can get into some small ones give it a try
  12. you gonna be at the dam there over the hill from dam veiw cafe...;) ...if the old guy that camps down there is there his name is wart real nice guy i might got there and put a tent there on the land he leases from aep
  13. Naaa.I'll be right behind that Campbell's/Redhead.Above the lock.We've caught some bigguns out of there
  14. i never even knew there was a place to fish in that area....i always fished there at the dam both above and below never got nothin of anysize below landed but had some huge ones online......i use to fish tournys with a friend of mine right below green acres store on my boat dock and get big ones...the wife would get pissed cause i would put the big ones in the bath tub with air on them!!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG].....i have more pics of big ones i just have to down load them
  15. Yea theres not really anything but private proprty over there but luckily one of my friends owns one of the PP lots
  16. you ever fish at the sand bar down of off old river rd?
  17. No but I would love to.There's a gigantic logjam/feeder creek across the river from the Shelly and Sand Corperate office that you need a boat to get to but it looks friggin amazing.
  18. i also did goodthe few times i got out on a boat there under the gatesport bridge
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    most likely it's only partly your fishing.the fact is,flatheads are harder to target,and fewer in lakes than's much easier to find and catch them in a river like the muskingum,than it is in those lakes.anyone with a little flathead experience can do much better at just about any dam on that river,than any of those lakes as far as numbers.
  20. misfit i think you are right!!!!!i never even knew what a flattie was til i moved to the river then i found myself liking the catch so now that is all i expect...i think i need to learn more about the inland lakes now and move from there