Lakes Trail West Branch top 3

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  1. 5-18-08 The second stop of the tour was today at West Branch. 80 teams and paid 10 places and 2 big basses. Got lots to do so ya get a quickie tonight!
    1st- Mark McQuate and Steve Hatfield 11.67lb $1200.
    2nd- John Schneider and son John 11.49lb $1000.
    3rd- Marty Salchak and dale Corley 9.47lb $800.
    :B Big Bass - John Mogus 3.44lb $800.

    Took 7lbs to get a check. Ten 6 fish limits.

    Note: Steve Hatfield is the fishing manager at Fin, Fur, and Feather in Ashland. Stop by and congratulate him!
    Marty Salchak is the fishing manager at Land big Fish in Coventry. Stop by and congratulate him too!
    Hmmmm........I see a pattern here.........;)
    Next stop at Mosquito on June 8th. :G