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A good day to be out fishin on a beautiful lake.:) Can be tough at times here with a 15" limit and all. Half of the 50 boat field weighed in at least 1 keeper and the winners had a 6 bass limit, the only one. No info as to where or how they fished. Believe it or not some bass were still bedding.:confused: Most fish were reportedly caught in very shallow water on a variety of baits such as spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, senkos, small crankbaits and flipping to available wood cover. Here are the top 5 ang big basses:

1st- Nelson and Cable from Dresden, Crooksville :Banane10:15.40lbs $1000.
2nd- Urbania and Hall from Cleveland, Hiram 10.44lbs $800.
3rd- McQuate and Hatfield from Ashland, Mifflin 7.71lbs $600.
4th- Capestrain and Werren from N. Lawrence, Uniontown 5.93lbs $500.
5th- Clemence and Cox Sr. from Maple Heights, Tippecanoe 5.69lbs $400.
:BBig Bass- Urbania and Hall 4.54lb $530.
2nd Big Bass- Capestrain and Werren 4.00lb $200.

event paid 8 places and 2 big basses
complete results and pics available at:
Next event at Mosquito on July 26th, 6am at State Park
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