Lakes Trail Mosquito results 8-24-08 - new record!

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  1. WOW!!! A new Lakes Trail total weight record was set last Sunday. :)
    364 bass for a total weight of 644.88lbs shattering the old mark set last May by 15.30lbs, and did it with fewer teams. Last years result link:

    To say the fishin was great was an understatement as most teams said they did much better in practice. As for my partner and me, we were wondering if everyone was fishin in another lake. lol:confused: Top teams reportedly caught their fish in a variety of ways; spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, frog type baits, and crankbaits (predominately traps). Everyone had a lost big fish or fishes story.:( What a day!!!!

    Event paid 9 places and 4 big basses. Here are the top 5 and Big Bass:
    1st- Blackert and Shockley 17.11 $1200.
    2nd - McQuate and Hatfield 13.14 $1000.
    3rd - Wargo and Shaw 12.79 $800.
    4th - Pieffer and Pieffer 12.53 $600.
    5th - Feathers and Feathers 12.52 $500.
    :B Joey Reed 3.81 $760.
    2BB- John Whitaker 3.35 $450.

    Complete results available soon at
    I'm sure Nip will post here when points and pics become available.
    Last qualifier at Portage on 9-14. :G
  2. points for Mosquito Qualifier #5 are posted...last seasons point champs and championship winners are lookn' tough!~!!!!! Great event- Lakes Trail is the BEST!!!