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I see a post has been started on this but I need a proper heading so I can find archive info at a later date. In the future if you start a post use the same heading as above (example) then I can post results on your thread.
Good day for fishing with warm breezes and partly sunny. 58 teams in attendance caught 244 fish for a total weight of 442.50 lbs. Event paid 8 places and 2 big basses. Here are the top 5 and big bass.

1st- Cooper and Kossack :woot: 16.27 $1000.
2nd- Prvonozacs 15.60 $800.
3rd- Drew and Christofaris 15.02 $600.
4th- Divito and Fordyce 13.96 $500.
5th- Balas and Kotch 12.94 $400.
Big Bass- McQuate 3.69 $530.

Pics and final results available later this week.
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