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  1. Figured this to be a touch easier to just start a new thread. Per Louies request here is info for all. Formal webpage completed somtime this week.

    74 teams qualified to go to the 07 Lakes Trail 2 day
    championship at Lake Chautauqua in NY. The first day
    was greeted by gale force winds and 4 footers on an
    inland lake. The fish were biting though as limits
    brought in was the rule. The eventual winners, Steve
    Hatfield and Mark McQuate, had a 22lb bag of nice
    smallmouth to take the lead. Nipping at their heels

    was John Painter and Buc Buchanan, long time
    Chautauqua fishermen, with a 21lb sack of beautiful
    smallies. On day 2, the lake laid down and calmer
    conditions prevailed and a nice day. Mark and Steve
    slipped a bit and brought in a 17lb sack while hard
    charging Nick Prvonozak and Adam Janerella weighed in
    a 23lb sack for a comeback that fell just short of
    Mark and Steve. John Painter and Buc Buchanan blanked
    day 2 and fell out of contention. Lots of 4 and 5lb
    fish were weighed and it took 6lbers to get big bass
    each day. The event paid 15 places, 1st and 2nd big
    bass each day, leader bonus, big bass of regular
    season, largest sack of the regular season, point
    champions and misc cash for door prizes. In all a
    total of $20,400 in cash was paid along with over $800
    in door prizes. A big "Thank You" to our sponsors!
    Here is the top 10 finishers, point champions and big
    bass each day:
    1st- Steve Hatfield and Mark McQuate from Mifflin,
    Ashland 39.42 $3000.
    2nd- Nick Prvonozac and Adam Janerella from Warren,
    Jersey Shore PA 36.55 $2500.
    3rd- Jim and Tom Saywell from Chardon
    33.49 $2000.
    4th- Mike Smith and Forest Friley from N. Canton,
    Canton 28.17 $1800.
    5th- Gabe Cooper and Erik Link from Canton,
    Sherrodsville 27.87 $1500.
    6th- Rick Tschantz and Scott Burgess from Canton
    26.86 $1200.
    7th- Jim and Jennifer Feathers from Vermillion
    25.54 $1000.
    8th- Sam Capestrain and John Werren from N. Lawrence,
    N. Canton 25.09 $800.
    9th- Tim Matus and Marty Matus from Brunswick, N.
    Ridgeville 24.90 $700.
    10th- Dan Blackert and Ed Shockley from Akron, Canal
    Fulton 23.89 $600.
    Big Bass day 1 and for the tournament- Tim Matus from
    Brunswick 6.11 $500.
    2nd Big Bass day 1- Jim and Tom Saywell from Chardon
    4.82 $300.
    Big Bass day 2- Nick Prvonozac from Warren
    6.06 $500.
    2nd Big Bass day 2- Saywells from Chardon
    5.53 $300.
    Point Champions for 07
    1st- Steve Hatfield and Mark McQuate from Mifflin and
    Ashland $500.
    2nd- Steve Browning and Rick Machonachy from
    Doylestown, Akron $400.
    3rd- Scott Stevens and Jim Tunder from Kent, Chagrin
    Falls $300.

    NOTE: All of this could not have been possible
    without the help of our sponsors.
    Here is a list of the sponsors:
    Vic's Sports Center, Mercury, Stratos boats, Ranger
    boats, Distillata, Rodmaker's Shop, Goshinski's Fin,
    Fur and Feather, Pro Sports and Trophy

    Sponsor information and more pics available on our
    web-site at: