Lakes Trail Berlin results 8-26-07

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  1. 83 teams met to compete on this seasons final qualifier at Berlin. Rising water and flood conditions had fish scattered and the bite was tough. Several teams did manage to catch a 6 bass limit despite adverse conditions. Winning pattern not known but rock played a major role for several top finishers. Event paid 10 places and 2 Big Basses. Here are the top 3 teams and BB.

    1st-Sam Capestrain and John Werren 11.37 $1000.
    2nd-Javier Castillo and Matt Bell 10.85 $800.
    3rd-Rick Machonachy and Steve Browning 10.49 $600.
    :B Tom Saywell 2.91 $1000.

    Thanks everyone for a fine season. Lookin forward to the championship!
  2. Wow, glad I didn't show now! Prefished Friday and with a little luck had 6lbs.!