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  1. Anyone know winning weight's from the 6/8 Lakes tournament at Mosquito?
  2. Sorry not superman. Work and all!!
    Here is the top 5 and big bass - event paid 9 places

    1st- Kordic and Zele 14.90 $1200.
    2nd- Salchak and Corley 13.04 $1000.
    3rd- Prvonozacs 12.85 $800.
    4th- Urbania and Hall 12.68 $600.
    5th- Machonachy and taylor 12.06 $500.
    :B BB- Ron Wyatt 2.95 $700.

    Complete field results and pics will be up shortly!

    Next tournament at Berlin on July 13th at Bonner Road Ramp.
    :eek: Note: that Bonner Rd ramp has been changed from Mill Creek!:G

  3. Maybe I'm a little bit delerious from all the heat I've been working in, but is it possible to have 14.90 without having atleast one over 2.95?
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    Lakes Trails is a six bass limit.
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    typical mosquito clones, they are getting bigger tho!
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    I've noticed that too Austin. I've only been bass fishing for three years now so I can't relate to what size fish were being caught 6 or 7 years ago but I've noticed that every year the weights are going up on Mosquito. Looks like all those little fish I caught my first year out are starting to grow up. Maybe in a few years we'll see regular bags in the 15 and 16 lb range.
  7. Back in the day, not going to tell ya how many, it used to take 15-16 or more to win here. I know there are a few folks on here who remember these days. Yep, Skeeter is on the mend. :)