Lakengren catch and release program

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  1. This was a team effort - logan was jigging around for crappie and I decided to put on a poper and see what I could do. It was about 8pm and we were in a littte pocket with a nice concrete wall...........after about 10 casts....I hooked up with this nice litte 2 pounder. Logan netted, removed hooks, wieghed him and let him back. He was a pretty tired fish so Logan got to lip him in the water and hold him for about 15 seconds or so befor the fish swam off....hehehe just like on tv!!

    the catch...and the release...

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  2. Tennessee

    Tennessee Team Stratos

    we have been doing pretty well on lm bass this year, we have been catching them even when we were not even trying to,but there is no need to keep them I always release them