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  1. My wife and I are discussing the purchase of some lake front property. We are interested in a 2-5 acre, lakefront, and scenic lot within a 3-4hr drive from Cincinnati. Obviously, my #1 concern is there must be GREAT fishing opportunities on the lake and nearby area.

    We are looking for a place to build a lake house as a vacation home and possible rental property. I don’t anticipate that we will be able to build the house for several years, but purchasing the land now seems like a good idea (God isn’t making any more of it).

    I’m completely ignorant of the process, and I’m looking for any advise, resources, or even ideas about location.

    Has anyone fished Wood Creek Lake (small lake on 75 just north of London KY)? I have a lot of family near London (shout-out to Blackwater, LOL), and that would be a big plus for this location.

  2. well once u find the land, find out all the information u can about survey work done on the property, alot of times land thats not been built on needs a survey and legal description to be transferred (not always but most of the time) the seller will have to take care of this but make sure who ever does the survey marks the property corners clearly. also before buying any land, check the county records on the possible land ur interested in, also check out county gis websites before u buy a peice of porperty, there is a wealth of information on the GIS sites.

  3. If you are still looking for locations I can offer up Apple Valley up in Knox county although I don't think you will have any luck finding any property. It would be most likely only the purchase of existing homes but there always seems to be something selling every now and then. The places would not fit in my budget but not knowing your situation I thought it was worth mentioning. If you want to hear more about the lake or the community PM me and I will tell you what I know. I have a lot in the community which gives me lake access. It is about a 500 acre lake with very good fishing.
  4. Apple Valley looks to be a VERY nice place to live! But, out of our price range for a vacation home. We are looking for something a little more remote and much cheaper (land in the 100K range for at least 2 acres).
  5. Yeah, I doubt that you will be finding much in the 100K range. And most of the lots are more like .2 acres.:D That is why I have a measly lot out away from the lake that I got for a fraction of that cost. Lots like the one I own can be bought for probably 2-3K (and up) but you may be a half mile or so from the lake.
  6. My wife and I are in the same mode...searching for bargains on a vacation home or cottage. There's a hidden market out there and the internet seems to fall way short on selection. Once you pick a town or area your best bet is to talk to a local realtor.
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    My wife's family just bought some land on Norris. They haven't built on it yet, but I'm hoping they get that underway this year. Might want to check into the numerous things they have going on at that lake.
  8. Probably too far away for you, but I have a friend with a place for sale at Atwood. Not right on water, but has a dock. We sold our cottage at Atwood and bought a year-round place at Lake Tomahawk. There are a couple places for sale here, one next door, but still too far from Cincy.