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  1. How long does it usually take to establish a fish population after a lake has been totally drained?

    Only asking because we will soon be moving to the area.
  2. I would say 10 years if they are re stocking it completely.

  3. I've been looking for restocking info and can't find anything on the ODNR site. Oh well, guess I'll find another fishin' hole. ;)
  4. Did Lake White get drained? Why? Just curious.
  5. To repair the dam. And, apparently it took longer than expected. I heard they actually had to mow the weeds on the bottom of the lake last summer. I know it was completely dry in June when I was there. It's back to normal now, but I bet there isn't a fish in there.
  6. Most of the fish were either caught or died. I saw lots of dead bass. It is sad but the dam needed repaired. No stocking planned due to ODNR not owning the lake. They only own the water and not the lake bottom. It's been a problem with ODNR and the lake white association. I would say it will take at least 10 years to get the bite back like in the past.
  7. So I shouldn't go toss a line in? ;) Just kidding.

    Will people fish elsewhere and release into Lake White? And, why won't ODNR stock since fish live in the WATER, not the lake bottom?
  8. that lake is so small cant be much bigger than antrim cant it?
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    Got this from ODNR...

    COLUMBUS, OH - Engineers with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) have initiated refill of 337-acre Lake White in Pike County, but caution the lake’s return to normal summer pool will depend on rainfall in coming days and weeks.

    A private contractor completing the first phase of a project to renovate and upgrade the 72-year-old structure closed the lake’s drains on Friday, May 18.

    “Once the lake drain closed, the time needed for the lake to return to normal summer pool will depend on rainfall in the watershed,” said Dave Mohr, chief engineer at ODNR. “We appreciate the continued patience of property owners as we work to insure the integrity of this dam.”

    Last fall, the project’s contractor lowered the lake approximately 12 feet to facilitate construction and help ensure the dam’s safety during spillway renovation. Unforeseen construction difficulties and weather conditions during the winter delayed work on the spillway, forcing an extension of the original deadline to begin the refill process. While work will continue into early summer, it will no longer be necessary to maintain lower water levels in order to complete the project.

    ODNR initiated the first phase of a two-phase project to renovate the 4,200-foot earthen dam about a year ago. The first phase, a $4.1 million project to remove vegetation from the downstream face, install automated spillway gates and a new siphon drain, will be completed this summer. The second phase, tentatively scheduled to start in late 2008, will reinforce the dam’s downstream face with concrete and reconstruct state Route 104, which runs across the crest of the dam.

    Built in 1935, Lake White drains a watershed of more than 35 square miles. It is home to Lake White State Park, featuring a 23-site campground, swimming beach, picnic area and unlimited horsepower recreational lake.