lake water quality

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    anyone catch the NBC4 news last night ?

    they had some scientific-type guy testing the water at 4 central Ohio reservoirs. They tested Alum, Griggs, Hoover, and Delaware.
    They wanted an answer to which of these reservoirs is the cleanest/dirtiest.

    To my surprise, Griggs was fine. ALUM was by far the nastiest. Some kinda e-coli and other assorted nastiness around the beach area. The guy who did the test said that he would not let 'his' family swim there.
    Hoover was the cleanest.
  2. I watched that while I was cleaning fish in the garage. The sample size was way to low to prove anything(they only sampled one site at each body of water). I think that checking alum only at the beach is what skewed the alum results. The beach is the dirtiest area on that lake. I've seen diapers floating around there among other things.

  3. Yeah, I saw that report too. Anyone who fishes alum regularly has seen the huge flocks of seagulls and other water birds that gather on the beach. The first thing I thought of was all that poop accumulating in the sand/sediment. They need to sample different areas within the lake.