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Lake Toho, Florida

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by ocala, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. My bass club held our monthly tournament at Lake Toho yesterday, 3-19. Here are the results,
    14 boats, 28 anglers
    Total fish caught-21
    Big bass-4lbs 1 ounce
    1st place-13.75
    2nd place-12.65
    3rd place-7.02
    4th place-6.15
    This was a great tournament. Especially for me and my partner. We took 1st place.Lake Toho itself was very tough to fish. Me and my partner prefished it the weekend before and only caught 2 fish for 2 days of fishing. Since the draw down the lake has really changed. Places I used to know are gone. Gone as in no weeds and just open water. There is very little hydrilla and the lake has some type of weed called smart weed which is very viney and tough to fish. Needless to say we had to find another place to fish. A little birdy told me to go to Lake Cypress which is the next lake south in the chain. Boy was he right. The place was crowded but the fish were still there. In all we caught 8 keerpers and 2 dinks. The boat limit for the club is 6 fish so we actually culled 2 fish. I just missed getting big too. I had one that was 3lbs 15 ounces but somebody had a 4.01. A great tournament with good weather to boot. Next month we go to the Harris Chain.
    Rainer Wolf, too bad I didn't know about Lake Cypress before you left. You could have had a ball down there. Till next month guys, Ocala.
  2. nice job @ toho, ocala, i had a ball, just got back the day before St.Patties day. Went to the stick marsh and caught fish after fish. Only lures, no shiners. 20 3+pounders in a day just by me. My arms were sore. no 10pounders though. Seemed like lots of guys were struggling. Lakes Hart& Maryjane in SE Orlando were tough. Next year I'll prob camp on Blue Cypress and fish stickmarsh every day.

  3. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    Hey Rainer.... I was waiting on a report of how you did! Did I miss it? Or were just being mum? Anyways, good job on the fish at Stick Marsh. I am glad to hear maybe it isn't as destroyed as I had heard rumors of. As you know, I went to DeLand Fla in Jan on the St John's and surrounding areas and it was terrible. The bass are gone from the hurricanes.

    Good job! Oh, and you too Ocala ;) Nice first place! I have yet to win a tourney, but this will be my year!
  4. Rainer, that's an awesome day at the Stick Marsh. Glad to here that your trip was a success. Did you catch your fish at the Stick Marsh in the Stick Marsh itself, or were you down in Farm 13? I got an email from a guide down there today and he said the south end of Farm 13 is really on fire. Thinking of maybe going down there this weekend. Its about 3 hours from Ocala but if the fish are on its worth it.