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  1. Hey guys, we're hoping ot get out on St Clair this weekend, and this will be our first time out there. We have a 16' Tracker Deep-V w/ a 15hp Merc. We can only get it to about 10mph with my dad and I and our gear. Because of this we'd like to stay relatively close to a launch.

    What we want to know are some good spots for smallies that would be easy for us to get to. Also whats baits and techinuques do you guys use? Another thing that has ben baffling us is color. Any recomendation?

    Anything else we need to know?

    Thanks guys,

    BB (and dad)
  2. What part of the lake are you going to be on? I'm going to Mitchell's Bay next week. If the wind is up, I'll be fishing the vast amounts of thick weedbeds found near shore. At least that's what I did last year when I didn't want to venture out too far into the lake.
    Does anyone else have any reports from the area?

  3. Just got back from a great trip up there. We had a great time and caught lots of good-sized smallies. My best two were a little over 21", but I know they get bigger than that. There is so much to learn on a lake like that. Whenever we found concentrations of fish, what I enjoyed most was the way we could gain some experience/confidence in various lures and techniques (rather than just dragging the tubes).
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    If you g out of Harley Ensign ramp, Anchor Bay is just out the breakwall to the right. Also, if you use Harley Ensign, you can just go straight out to the channels, they aren't very far, maybe a mile. But you can fish just about anywhere in that lake and find fish. Smallies, musky and pike are all in Anchor Bay, just find channels cut through the weeds. Thats where you'll find the biggest concetration of fish because the cuts create current. Go look around, you'll have a great time, St.Clair might be the best fishery in the country.
  5. i grew up right on the lake and always would go out and hit the channel edges, i used large cranks and stickbaits for the musky and tubes and hair jigs for the smallies