Lake St. Clair

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    Went up to St. Clair for a one day trip. Hopeing for a shot at a muskie, only had one good hit and came back with just a leader, at this point we put on the bite tippets but did get another hit. We got quite a few smallies on crayfish, perch clousers and top water poppers. actually got one nice one letting the popper drag behind the boat as we moved from spot to spot. We got smallies, perch, largemouth and a drum. Biggest went 19 3/4" but a bit on the skinny side. Riverking came along and had an 18 3/4 also. I will put up some pics tomorrow, left the camera at home. Weather was bad, cold, rainy, and very windy. This made for tough fly fishing but we stuck it out. We out with Capt. Brian Meszaros owner of Great Lakes Fly Fishing and he did a great job keeping the boat postioned good and knows the lake extemely well. All in all a great trip and hope to do it again in the fall. S
  2. Congrats on the smallies! That's my second favorite lake......