lake simcoe help

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by capt S, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. a bunch of buudies and me are wanting to go to lake simcoe this winter. i was wondering if anyone has been there and could give us some info on where to go, what time to go, should we take a guide and who, and what should we bring for gear, and where to stay. thanks for the replys. COME ON ICE SEASON!
  2. try this site ..every thing depends on what you want to fish for..cook bay has been real good,, 1098204780

  3. went last year...was great stayed at motel 300 and guide was treated us great!!! caught 1200 perch 3 guys!!pm me if needed i'll get contact info together
  4. hey thanks guys we are going to fish for perch. what do you use for rigs and what time of year did you go.
  5. around feb me if need small rats got it for me and i think rex was using ants...vex and aqua vew are priceless there!!!!!!!!!yellow huts were not perfect but i'll tell ya the service was delivered on the ice in the afternoon and big thermos of coffee and BAILIES irish cream for breakfast on the ice...
  6. Check out, he has been showing a daily video about 30 seconds on Cooks Bay lake and fishing conditions.