Lake Rupert, Vinton County

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  1. Has anyone been on Lake Rupert in Vinton County yet? I live in Scioto County and hauled my boat up there two weeks ago only to find the lake was froze over. I have been rode hard by my friends since. I haven't fished the lake before, but I want to try. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Remember, always find time to take a child fishing.
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    My uncle lives about a mile from Rupert, I called him today he said that most of the ice was gone. Given the temp today I'd say it's all gone. As for the lake I've fished it a couple dozen times. Good crappie, decent bass, decent channel cats, and there are some Saugeye in there, not sure on how well I've never targeted them but caught a couple while fishing for other stuff. The dam sides is good, if your bank fishing it's a bit of a walk, but with a boat it's no problem. Water on the opposite side flattens out really shallow for a large portion of that side decent bass fishing in the spring. the cove that shoots out from the middle is a good place for night time cat fishing. Not sure how much help that gives you it's not my home lake but I have hit a quite a few times with the uncle.

  3. Great to hear about the ice. I wanted to go there tomorrow, but they are calling for alot of rain. I have Monday off; sounds like a good day to go. I will take the boat back up there. I fish Hammertown and Jackson lake alot. I am always looking for a new water. Thanks for the information.
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    Hey fishinbubba. A friend of mine told me that Jackson Lake used to have quite-a-few braggable sized bass in it. Well, is it true?
  5. Well JignPig, If you conside a 12" bass braggable, then it is a good lake. The largest I have caught there the last four years has been 15". It is a decent crappie lake. It is a short drive for me to take the kids fishing and the love fishing for crappie. I have had better luck at Hammertown as far a bass size. but Jackson has a better boat ramp.

    Remember, we must all find time to take a child fishing.