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  1. I've never fished lake rockwell and was wondering if anybody had any info for me.....i.e. where to launch, what species, is it worth the effort. thanks:confused:
  2. If I am not mistaken, Rockwell is not fishable. Only place allowed is off of the road by gaurd rails. Even that may be illegal. But l have heard of many BIG fish in the Rock. Crappies, cats, perch, bass, bluegill, even heard of walleye. You may want to do a search on Rockwell to view other posts or threads about this lake.

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    You guys are replying to a post you know nothing about, so I'll set the record straight. I run a bait shop out of my house on Lake Rockwell Road, it wouldn't make sense if the lake was off limits.Your missing out on some good fishing. Lake Rockwell is fishable in 3 different areas:
    1) RT 14 causeway.You are not allowed to park on Rt 14, but the gentleman in to first house on the right with all the vehicles in the yard, going towards Streetsboro, lets you park in his yard for $3.00-$4.00.Last year it was $4.00 but one of my customers said he was only charged $3.00 this year.Causeway produces huge pike around the bridge and good sized bass and perch.Some smallies are caught close to where the river empties into the lake.Had a customer pull a 6lb'er last year.Good sized cats on bluegills or cutbait.The crappie might be the biggest in the state and it's just about time for them to take off.Also has walleye, bluegill,stripers and carp.

    2)Culvert Pipe by R.A. Sand and Gravel on Lake Rockwell Road.Good crappie spot and produced an 8lb bass each of the last 2 years also 1-9lb'er last year.The fish was officially weighed at West Branch Bait & Tackle.The same guy missed a bigger one the same day.

    3)Beneath the dam at the pumphouse(waterplant) on Ravenna Road.At first glance it don't look like much, but is a decent place to fish.Good pike, smallie, largemouth and crappie spot.The best fishing is right at dusk when the fish make their way up the river to feed.Good spot to catch the 30-40lb catfish.Had guys hook into them often,but never land them due to using too light of gear.

    I didn't print this to "pimp" my bait or sell tackle.I've lived on the lake for the past 22 years and know what kind of fish Lake Rockwell produces.Don't miss out on a good thing if you like to fish...........Mark
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    Well said mark.......nothin like the old "tell it like it is"....and about this lake you definitely know 100 % more about what goes on there, than anyone I know about.....It should help out those with far less knowledge on.......... what/where/why.............Jon Sr.
  5. ...Mark knows the in's and out's of Rockwell...If anyone knows he will...Akron Water has a gold mine there...If they put in a launch and charged $100 for an 8 hour day on the water...Electric only...And only allowed to keep 1 fish Trophy that is ...I would be in line for a week if I had get a permit....I know new state records live and die doubt in my mind...Great Post Mark...
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    Where do you park to fish these spots? Isn't it no parking along the dam?



    Bassmaster-Is there anywhere to obtain this information in
    writing?How do you KNOW this 100% acurate?Please explain
    how these loop holes exist.I would hate to go down there
    and fish one of these 'legal' spots only to be approached
    by the law and my only defense be ''well,the guy in the
    bait shop said it was legal''.:)
  8. thanks for the info bassmaster. I'm sure the fishing is outstanding since its not very easy to access. Are small boats with trolling motors allowed? I have a small 1 man bassmaster boat I could throw in anywhere, but it doesn't sound like there's any place to park temporarily to even do that.
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    Sorry Black Dog, putting a boat on Lake Rockwell is a quick one-way visit to the local jail. Hell,I got a ticket for picking up garbage in my back yard 5 years ago.I was cleaning up my property as well as theirs and they didn't like it one bit.
    ...............The reason you can fish the 3 spots I mentioned......The state owns from the center of the road to 20 foot of either side.The county has no jurisdiction over this land except to keep it maintained.I've seen as many as 20-25 cars in the guy's front yard on Rt 14, you can park 5-6 cars at the culvert pipe and 7-8 cars down by the power plant.
    ........had alot of fish caught today with the northerns being the most plentiful off Rt 14, but nothing big, shiners under a bobber were the ticket.Bass,perch and crappie were also caught, but not in numbers.The good fishing is about a week away once the water warms.Keep in mind the lake is fed by the Cuyahoga River and the water flowing in is still cold.Rockwell is usually 2 weeks behind most inland reservoirs in the NE due to its long and narrow design..............Mark
  10. Mark's the expert, but I'm sure no boats allowed. I know when I went canoeing from Camp Hi we had to put out before we hit Lake Rockwell..I'm pretty sure most of the shorline outside of those three spots is well posted - No Fishing / No trepassing.
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    Payara, this has been my home for the past 22 years.I live in one of only 2 houses that sit derectly on the lake.Don't know what else to tell you except I know what's allowed and whats not..........Mark
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    Mark has told you 100% correctly. You could also be dropped off and picked up, in the areas mark spoke of ONLY. Don't set foot on the surrounding land. City of Akron owns the rest and it is patrolled. As far as the fish, the biggest Black crappie you ever seen. I got a 38" pike under the rt 14 bridge back in '73. So think about how long that is. There are some huge fish in there. Back in 70 until 73 I sold bait in Streetsboro and with the cleveland weekenders used to go thru 150# of minnows on just fri thru sun. Thats a lot of minnows...and crappie. Back then you could park on rt 14. Streetsboro said there was too many accidents on the bridge and posted all the no trespassing signs. I always questioned it, being a state highway. As far as the river goes, as it comes down to rockwell, there is a cable strung across with an old no trespassing sign on it.
  13. PAYARA


    Fair enough...Just don't want to be arrested or fined.
    I've heard the stories about what happens to guys
    caught fishing up there.
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    Fishers Of Men, I remember those days before the city filled in the parking lot along Rt14.Found myself and fishing buddies driving out at least 5 times a week from Maple Heights.The causeway was insane back then, fishing shoulder to shoulder.Too bad they never made a pull-off bridge like Milton or Mosquito.If I told you what my biggest fish out of Rockwell are you would probably be the only one to believe me.I've gotten into arguments with OGF'ers over this in the past, so I just keep my mouth shut.By the way, I still see Rusty and Barb Elam occasionally, they stop in a couple times a month to buy bait & tackle.........Mark
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    I havn't seen rusty for about 2 yrs. Back then on weekends, a guy that worked for me used to go down there once an hour at nite and sell out of what bait he took. I was open 24hrs on weekends. The fishermen really liked that service! Didn't have to leave their spot when they ran out. You wouldn't believe all the ice we went thru. City ice brought out their biggest chests.
  16. Hey Mark - Being on the lake, you can fish in your backyard can't you?
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    Snakecharmer,I wish it was like that.My property ends 20 feet before the shoreline.This was the little stretch I was picking the garage up on.Thought they were coming over to thank me and got a $350.00 ticket for criminal tresspassing instead.Told them what I thought of them and a little more....We'll forever be enemies after that exchange........Mark
  18. I wonder what they are hiding in that lake?. Whats the big deal anyway.? They allow fishing at Mogadore and LaDue. I know there was talk about opening it up before but i guess that's just So what is it?
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    From what my addled brain recalls, it all goes back to a water rights agreement
    dating back to the turn of the century. Somehow, the city of Akron got water rights to the Cuyahoga flowing through Akron, so they built Lake Rockwell.
    Rockwell is their primary water supply, so they won't share. East Branch & LaDue are more secondary storage reservoirs - when they need more water in Rockwell, they release it from the other two lakes (they flow into the Cuyahoga/Rockwell. EPA busted Akron a few years back during a dry summer because they weren't letting any water out of Rockwell - they literally shut off the Cuyahoga! I saw aerial photos of the Rockwell dam with absolutely no water flowing out of it. The Cuyahoga was dry - the only thing feeding it downstream was Akron's treatment plants!
    They now must release a certain amount of water constantly from Rockwell.
    They won't let anyone use the lake, but then they wanted to sell water from the Cuyahoga (Rockwell) to communities south of them! That meant that they would have been taking the water, selling it, and it would've eventually ended up going south to the Ohio River instead of Lake Erie. That got shot down in court.
    A few years back some fellows put a canoe in Rockwell and claimed that Akron could not kick them out because the Cuyahoga is a navigable river which means you can't stop people from boating on it. It went all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court, but the guys lost. A crock of Sh** in my opinion.....