Lake Petros stocked today with trout

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  1. Im headed up in the morning just wondered if anybody hit today.
  2. RANGER 1


    Should Be There In The Morning Stop By And Say Hi Will Driving White F150 And Will Be With My Son I Will Be The One With The Rod Pod Bill

  3. snake69

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    I'll be there with some of my kids tomorrow, but probably not until after noon. My understanding is you are not to fish it the day of the stocking, but I could be wrong. I know 5 or 6 guys and their kids will be there.....some of them too early for me. I drive a maroon blazer and always park on the backside by the steps leading down to the walking path. Holler if ya see me!
  4. i'll be there this evening. probably from 7-9. i can't get a day off to steelhead, so i'll just bring the ultra lite and pretend:D
  5. I went up their sat caught 5 and sunday got 10 I wish I would have read this before I went cause I did see a white f 150 their
  6. OldSchool

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    Sounds like you had a good couple of days out there...
    What were you catching them on??
  7. snake69

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    Most were caught on the trout paste. Seen some caught on inline spinners, but most on the paste. Been there several days straight. Evidently, I didn't do as good as some. Stayed about 2.5 hrs today and kept 3. My 7 yr old caught his first rainbow on Saturday.
  8. are we talkin about petros park lake in perry twp?
  9. snake69

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    That's the one and only. Right off of Navarre on Perry. And, congrats on joining. Lots of good folks here and even better knowledge!! If I can help, feel free to ask.............