Lake Perch

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  1. where are they? i have a 14 foot sea king so i cant go far. are they active and close in? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  2. you can go out of cleveland E72nd st, watch the weather for south winds mcalm , you don;t have to go way out . just because theres a pack of boats out there don;t mean there arn;t other perch in close.

  3. Launching at Gordon Park/East 72nd you can go to the east end of the Cleveland breakwall. Maybe a half mile from the launch. A lot of guys do decent right there off the end of the wall.

    Bait store : Shines on east 55th....10 minutes from launch.

    Prefered bait for yellow perch:emerald shiners ..fished on or near the bottom.

    Its cold out there this time of year. Take a rain suit (wave splashes)....and leave some dry clothes in the truck.
    At this site, find the state parks, then find Cleveland Lakefront State Park. Should help ya out.

    Good safe out there.