lake ontario in April

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    I have vacation from April 19 to April 26. Anyone know if the salmon wil be running in the niagra area at this time going to try to plan a camping trip then.
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    Hey Nickles,
    I used to go up there all the time. Haven't gone for a number of years. But when we went in the spring, it seems like it was in may. We fished the lower niagra and in lake ontario just out from the lower niagra. I think we were looking for 53 degree water. Where it came out of the lower niagra and met the colder water out in the lake, it would form a thermocline that you could see. Troll in and out of it and you would pick up some nice fish. I would maybe check with some of the local bait stores up there. They usually know what is going on. Good luck,
    Mike Hawkins:)

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    April and May are both good times to fish the west end of Ontario. Off the Bar, Wilson and Olcott are all very good, alot of Brown and King action in the very nearshore waters. Alot of guys troll stickbaits for the browns but there are alot of kings around that time of year as well. I wanted to make a trip up there but I have to many walleye tourney's on erie to get away in those months.

    I'm a member over at this site below TONS of good info over there.
  4. I tried to go last spring but every time I tried, the winds didn't cooperate. I'm definately gonna give it a shot though this spring. I hear it can be awesome.
  5. Let me know if you are going, I would love to take the trip again, its been 10years and would really love to troll for those footballs again. My crew is up for it too. would be nice to get a few boats out there working together. R. R
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    We are going for sure just dont know when we are gonna play the weather
  7. I go every year the second week of may and the fishing is usually decent
    to great. It depends on the weather. If we have a warm spring the kings
    will move from the west to the east a little sooner. The second week in may usually coincides with the derby and is usually about the time kings are from
    the bar to olcot. Four mile is a nice campground. Just make sure you have something to break up the wind as it is relentless and cold.
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    I've been here
    back when it belonged to the previous owners. 12 hours from Akron.
    The fishing was awesome but we were there the last week in May.
    The water was in the low 50's and the owners were saying how we missed the ice by 2 weeks. The whole temagmi river area is great for smallmouth,
    walleye and pike. Take lots of jigheads, we went through 60+ from the pike.
    Playing the weather is a smart bet if you are going that far north.
    But there are plenty of places to the south too.
  9. The end of April is the same time that they run the first major tourney of the year in the western basin of Ontario. The Spring Scotty is held out of Port Dalhousie (@ 7 miles west of the Niagara Bar). Fishing can be very slow or very good. Fishing is usually done high in the column around warm water inflows like the Welland Canal, Port Dalhousie, Port Weller, and the Niagara Bar. Segmented lead cores with spoons and plugs will dominate most spreads. Just make sure you upgrade your plug hooks. It can be a very mixed bag fishery with steelies, browns, coho, lakers, and Kings all potential parts of a daily bag.

    For NY waters, I prefer mid-May through early June. We usually make a trip over Memorial Day weekend and typically have very good to excellent fishing from the bar to Olcott. By then the water is warmer and fish will have stratisfied a bit and it is a little easier to species target.

    Frank Kittrick, "Y-Knot", often fishes the area with Reefies with the front treble removed and the rear upgraded.