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Lake Ontario--Henderson Harbor

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by smallie75, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Fishing a Regional tournament at Henderson Harbor Lake Ontario
    Looking for an info regarding the area,fishing,what it might take to win, what to target largemouth or smallies. Any info will be a great help---looking like 10-20 guys from ohio will be fishing this event. Tournament is set for Sept8-14 Thanks in advance for an info. Scott
  2. Bumping this post up!! Still looking for any info--Ive spent a good 4 hours online looking up info, and it is very limited... Now I know someone on this site has fished this area... I assume I can approach it like I approach Erie for the smallies--I have already loaded up the gps with potential locations, all on main lake structure. Here's the main question---Does this place fish like Erie--or even St. Clair, I known in Buffalo you can get em down to 45 ft. In St.Clair they tend to be shallower in the 4-8ft range... I will go and figure it out but looking for any advice so I can limit my time.. Also the St Lawrence comes into play in this event---but it looks to be a good run of 30+ miles up into the river.

    Need help from my fellow Ohio fisherman, And if this post goes without a response, either way Ill be sure to fill you all in on the details of my trip--which may help someone in the future. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!

  3. I've fished Henderson 2x now, but I can't tell you much about smallies. We were fishing the MWC East (walleye) tournament there. I can tell you there are a ton of islands and interconnecting bays there and that the mouth of the St Lawrance is about 30 miles north of the launch in Henderson Harbor. Good luck. Lots of open water between the two points, as well. Hot Spots maps has a very good map of the area. That might give you some info, too. Just remember the forage base is a bit different there than on Erie. Good luck.

  4. Hey- Thanks Toolman for your report. Everything I get helps, after you mentioning the forage base and doing a little more research, I will spend some time throwing a swim bait that matches the forage. I have also been getting some good reports lately of area's that are holding a lot of Lmouth in the 3-4 range.. Also a few reports on Smallies in the 30-35ft range..Some being on the Canadian side. Weather and wind will play a role--Like always on the Great Lakes
    Also from what I got this weekend you might need to figure out both bites// Large and small mouth to finish high in this event...Sounds like there are a few 5+ pound largemouth caught........This really does sound like a great place to fish, and Im looking forward to my trip.....I will be sure to post results of the outcome. Tight lines!!!!
  5. No problem. There is a ton of weeedy bays that would hold LM. We caught some nice ones trolling, as well as smallies. Lots of pike (this was in mid-May so it may differ). CN was off-limits, so we didn't get there, but it's a haul and Lake Ontario can throw some waves on that end, especially on a West/SW wind. On day 2 we came back in true 8' waves! Aspenwall Motel is a nice place to stay...good people and about 1/4 mile from the ramp.