Lake Ontario and Raystown Lake Pa.

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  1. Just got back from a week plus vacation.
    Started out on Labor Day at Lake Ontario on a charter out of Olcott N.Y. The early morning bite close to shore started slow. From the radio reports, all of the boats were having the same luck. Boated two Salmon in three hours including a 20lb'er, and the captain had enough of the slow action, so he broke out of the pack of boats hanging in the same area and went to deeper water. Between 10:00 and 1:00 we boated eight more Salmon and a Steelhead (see my photo album for the two biggest Salmon). By no means were these fish huge (as Lake Ontario standards go), but the captain was able to adjust to keep us on fish regularly in the late morning into the early afternoon. Had a great time. Now for the plug...
    "Hawgmaster Charters" with Captain Jim Taylor (he has a website if interested in more information)

    The next couple of days I was solo. I tried the upper Niagara River, but was blown off of it by "Frances" (the hurricane...well or tropical depression by the time it reached Buffalo N.Y.). No luck fishing to speak of. Vacation then went to Philadelphia for Golf with family and friends ( I hope they have gotten rid of the smell by now...boy did my game stink it up).

    On the way home back to Columbus, I stopped for the afternoon at Raystown Lake Pa. Again I had a slow start, but once I figured things out, I was able to boat a 4lb Lake Trout, and a 10lb Striper (see album for the Striper).
    Time ran short and had to get back on the road, but a good fun vacation overall.
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    i have family that fishes raystown, he said he couldn't catch a striper for his life! way to go.