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  1. Lake Okeechobee - can it be shore fished? do you have to use a guide service?
  2. My wife lived there for close to 20 yrs and she says there is public acces in alot of spots with peirs. I fish the canals alot when i go down mainly but it was so low last yr i was highly disapointed. Father n law says the canals are filling first then the lake he showed me pics where they scooped out close to 2 foot of dead growth close to .25 to.75 mile in from shore.I will look for a site similar to this one i was useing for a while i said similar not near this ones caliber some of the folfs were really helpful others well lets just say dont mention ya know me and expect any info in return. As a matter of fact i wouldnt mention i was from ohio Southern hospitality my ass

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    Stright west out of Stuart on rt 76 goes to port mayaka, there is shore fishing there amd also the rim canal. I like fishing the rim canal there are the biggest shellcrackers (sunfish) and specs (crappie) you ever got into. Also the southern tip by Belle Glade. You can see these areas on a map.
  4. After 4 hrs of internet surfing last night till 1 am I think we might give up on Florida and go visit family in TX.

    Thanks for the info on lake okeechobee though. I did read an article that said the drought caused the water to go down and most boat access is nill.
  5. My wife talked to her father last night and the lakes normal pool is 13 ft it is at 10.5 and the canals are full. He stated the bass fishing has been on fire the specks are still exetremely slow. His wife cought a 2 pound oscar out of his canal last week figures we arent goin down this yr. I would do somemore checking before scrapping it altogether he is usually pretty reliable on his fishin reports to me. The dredgeing of the bottom he stated will have things mixed up for a bit he said in the next 2 to 4 yrs with the new weed growth that will emerge now in diffferent areas that the fishing for specks should be out of this world. Next yr should be the start of some tremendous bass and crappie fishin down there.
  6. Shore fish in Florida? Isn't everywhere full of gators?
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    Mostly in the wild they are afraid of you. The brave ones are the ones that are used to people, thats why they warn you not to feed them. When you come up on them in a boat, after you get so close, they will go under or slide off the bank and go down. The ones around populations get brave and they are to watch out for. If your swimming you are just another food source. I hate the water moccasins more than anything, they are very curious and will come investigate the slightest noise. I saw a guy with the clicker on, casting and a BIG one came up behind him about a foot away. He bailed in the water and it seemed to scare the snake as bad as he was scared...but then he was in the dark brackish
  8. don't know but that's what I hear. the guy at the camp ground said as long as I was fishing I'd be ok but if I was to walk my dog or something i would get caught by a gator. I'm not taking any chances.

    thus far we're leaning more on TX and forgeting fishing and just visiting family.
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    If I was there, I'd drive east to Cape Canaveral Nat'l Seashore and fish the
    surf, fer sure. You can catch bass here, but a bluefish/pompano blitz is awesome!
  10. Kind of forgot about the water moccasins. I was stationed (Air Force) in FL back in the early 70's. Not as many gators then but way to many snakes. It was kind of hard fishing 'cause I kept look down at my feet. That's one creepy state to run around the wood in, everything eats, stings, pokes, cuts or poisons you. Just couldn't relax. We used to camp on weekends, only sleeping bags and fishing rods.
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    I have places I go up into bass fishin where it narrows down so you can only get a boat thru, then opens back up and such. The snakes will drop out of trees into the boat with you. Talk about looking everywhere! Also some of the guys go froggin at nite by wading, I only do it by boat. The cottonmouths will follow at the rim of the light, you turn it off for a sec and they are right beside the boat, back on and they scurry out to the rim again. You here guys say they wont bite underwater, thats bull*&%$. Where do they think they naturally feed at? Anyways, a 12 guage is mandatory fishing tackle in the bayous.