lake off frost road and 14/480

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  1. hey does any one know about the lake off frost road in streetsboro right by 480 my uncle lives near there and keeps asking me about it any info would be great is it fishable thanks

    rabbit hunter allways runnin
  2. It belongs to Step2. There is a member on here who has tried to kayak it but he got kicked off.

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    It's called Elm Lake and it's owned by Geis Construction Company.Unless you have an old permit you are not allowed to trespass.Geis stopped giving out permission slips or permits 6-7 years ago due to liability and insurance costs..........Mark
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  4. thanks for the info
  5. I fished there before and didn't catch much. Some average size bass and bluegills.
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    I know this thread is super old...but does anyone know if much has changed here?

    I will say nothing other than the fishing is far from terrible. What it lacks in quality it makes up for in quantity.
  7. Nothing has changed still not aloud to fish it !!
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    I heard the same thing he heard, an incident happened and he quit giving permission, i had permission 10 years ago to shore fish, but it was too overgrown to fish and i didnt want to hack away at the shore brush in private property.
  9. back in the 50s it was a pay lake then shut down in the early 60s use to be owned by 3 people after that and I did have permission but all I ever caught was a few bass over 2lbs and a few nice gills then it was sold again and nobody was allowed on . Rockwell was on fire back then for crappie we use to fish right on top of the bridge at night catch 12-16 iners all night for 3 weeks when I was a kid I use to sneak in Rockwell all the time.huge bass lots of them
  10. It's a swamp formed by the construction of the turnpike and 480. Better to ice fish. Geist doesn't own it all there are multiple owners that have shoreline access. You basically have to know someone to get permission.
  12. My dad told me it was two separate ponds before it was made into the one !!he caught 5# bass out of them when he was a kid some 50 years ago !!
  13. Could of been there are old Ariel on portage county auditor website all the way back before the turnpike and 480 came through. Like 1940s.
  14. the turnpike came through in 57 480 wasn't till 64 I use to live off 14 back then if you went to Cleveland you took 14 to twinsburg then oakwood Bedford and then all the way to downtown . Rockwell was built in the 40s damming up the cuyohoga on Ravenna rd. in the 40sand 50 you could park right on 14 then they stopped that around 1970