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Lake of the woods

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by walleyeslayer14, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Need recommendations on a affordable resort for muskie fishing on the U.S. side in Minnesota preferred location near Northwest Angle thanks guys.
  2. bobk


    I will get on walleyecentral and ask the question. You'll get lots of info. Many folks from up that why on the site.

  3. Don't know the U.S. Side but if Canada is a option, Indianhead Lodge is a outstanding option.
    Huge musky, pike, smallmouth, and beautiful area.
    About a hour northwest of International Falls, still Lake of the Woods.
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  4. Flowie


    He probably want s to stay on the US side to avoid passport issues
  5. Yes U.S. side. I have a passport..Buddy has what the Canadians call a felony...Lol
  6. Totally understand, best friend has a ten year old DUI. That's a no go for Canada.
    A lot closer is Lake Wissota just about 20 mi. north of Eau Claire Wisconsin. I have heard it's very much like Lake of the Woods but ten hours closer.