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Lake Of The Woods, MN

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by bigfoot27, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. I just got back yesterday from a fishing trip to Lake of the Woods in Minnesota. My friend, his nephew, and me all went up and camped at Zippel Bay Resort off of the South Shore of the lake. Out of the 5 days, we were up there, we only had one day that we were unable to go out fishing. Between the 3 of us, we average around 40 walleyes each day, with the average fish being 15 inches with the biggest being 22 inches. On the second day of fishing, we found a small school of jumbo perch (11-13 inchers) and managed to catch 20-25. When the main lake got alittle rough, we went after some pike in the bay and caught 8 small pike with the biggest being 28 inches. The best method was using gold hammered crawler harnasses, drifting and trolling them in the 10-30 ft of water. We did try crankbaits and spoons, but we only managed 5 walleyes on them. The pike were caught on blue/silver spoons trolling along the weedbed edges in the bay. The owners up there were great on giving out daily fishing reports and helpful hints, run and operate a great resort, and I would recommend them to anyone who would be going up to Lake of the Woods. Oh, by the way, the mayfly hatch was in full bloom up there the second day being up there, but it didn't effect the fishing at all.

  2. Hey Darryl,
    I'm glad you got to go on your trip!! :D Looks like you guys had a great time!!!!!! Good Fishing!!!!! ;) Stan

  3. catking

    catking Banned

    Thanks for such a detailed report. Aint nothin like reading about somebody else having a great time fishing. Good for you guys !!!! THE CATKING !!!
  4. eagleclaw

    eagleclaw Banned

    bigfoot there's a lake i went to when i lived in MN lake winnibgoshish
    or winnie they have jumbo perch with ice fishing comming on is also a good time to go