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Lake Nipissing help

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by WISH IT WAS YOU, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. well i will be going up to Lake Nipissing sunday june 10th for walleye smallmouth and pike i have never been here an was wanting to know what works best here or what kinda area i should look for i will be staying at the tom rae lodge. hope you guys and gals can help me
  2. Nippissing is a large shallow lake, average depth is under 15ft.
    Smallmouth isn't in until 6/23 so be careful with that.
    The walleye and pike are pretty good, find shallow water points and drop-offs, and fish slow.

  3. You may want to post this question on this site or at least do some searching.

    Ontario Fishing Message Board

    That is the best fishing forum that I have found for the Ontario fishing and there are plenty of folks on there that know Nippissing.

    Good luck and be sure to take plenty of pictures for us folks that get left behind.;)
  4. thxs both of you i will post on that web site
  5. You can search OGF for pike, Canada, Ontario, Quebec, etc. and find plenty of info on tackle and techniques for pike, smallies, and marble eyes.


    I Wish It Was Me Going, Haha, But I Have A Buddy That Goes Every Year. He Tells Me He Backtrolls Worm Harnesses On Dropoffs. He Says The Slower The Better, Possible A Drift Sock Off The Front While Backtrolling. And He Just Kills The Walleyes. I Hope This Will Be Some Help.
  7. coachfozz

    coachfozz The Economical Bass Fisherman

    My family and I are leaving June 8th for a wedding and I am up there 10 days. I will probably hit there a little bit, but will fish a lot of the lakes around including my favorite Nosbonsing. Just about 15 minutes east of Callender Bay (Nipissing).

    Where is that lodge at you are going to since Nipissing is the biggest lake in Ontario (Excluding the Great Lakes of course)