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lake Murray SC

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by hunt for bass, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Heading to lake murray on saturday will stay for a week. Has anyone fished it? Any advice or inside information. :D
  2. You lucky dog!! It should be primetime down there right now. I was at Santee Cooper about 1 week ago and it was about 2 weeks early. Murray should be ready and the fish should be shallow. I've never fished there but just given its general locale and temps right now you should have a good trip. I imagine fish will be on beds especially with the full moon this week.

    It's a deeper lake than Santee and I'd start shallow and fish and if no luck then start coming back out to deeper. I'd look for protected spawning flats/areas.

    I'll be ready to here how it went when you get back!

    I know someone from SC that fishes Murray and he's going to show me around someday but just haven't made it there yet.

  3. Friends of mine, swear on Bubble Gum worms
  4. Well not the best trip we had their. The weather was awful. Colder than normal, Rain 6 out of the 7 days, Tornado's Thunderstorms and wind a lot of wind. Between 9 of us I think only 40 or 50 fish caught. 6 1/2 # was the biggest a couple of 5's several 3's and a lot of dinks. The fish was on the move, I think up one day and buried the rest. It was the toughest I have ever seen it. Even the locals were having problems. Any way it was fun. 4 of the guys are staying another week. If the weather will stablize it should be the week to be their. Anyway my new motor 150 98 rude fitch was a dream.
    It was great on gas and got me home every-night. That is a great feeling.