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  1. How is the fishing behind the damn at the spillway, have they shut it down altogether or can you still get down there to fish? I haven't been there in 2 years, and last I knew if u got caught going through the gate they would fine you. So we had to walk down, and come up to fish behind there. I know it use to be some good fishing when I went there, we would bring some nice sized eyes out of there, and hook into a big ole muskie but of course when your using a light action rod, and 8lb test line it would just snap the line.

    Also how is the fishing altogether at Milton, I know we use to catch allot of crappie under the bridge at the causeway there.

    I don't know why we haven't gone there this year, but for some reason we still go to Mosquito, and hope to catch something.
  2. I fished under the bridge a couple of times this summer and the results were disappointing. I mark lots of fish but the numbers have just not been there this year. Don't know if its me or what. The last few times, I have not managed more than 10 fish on each outing with the bluegill outnumbering the crappie by a large amount.

    Looking at the post about liquid scent, I may add that to my arsenal the next time I go out. We had been using minnows and jigs tipped with maggots. That has always worked in the past.

    Maybe all the dumb ones have been caught already????

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    I talked to the women ranger this past winter at the spillway. It was in December. She said no problem parking at the gate or fishing the spillway. Haven't been there since ice left the water. I only fish it in the winter.

  4. In your pic, the problem is people climbing over the rail and walking down on the far right ledge just to fish the other side. I know. I'm extremely guilty all the time. Just haven't got caught yet.
  5. Park on the far side and walk in.
  6. To far to walk. LOL
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    I have been fishing lake milton quite a bit this year. Have been fishing the point at the beach after dark. Catching catfish, hooked a few musky, and last week picked up a 3 1/2 , and 5-5 1/2 21" smallmouth . Throwing a berkley chigger craw. It was an absolute blast. Never thought I would catch a smallmouth that big on an inland lake.
  8. Same here! Got 3 smallies that went 4-6# in the last week. All trollin 12fow at night. Alot of cats and 1 muskie last night. Walleye are hard to come by. Only get a few now and then.
  10. 21 inch smallie is fish ohio buddy just to let you know
  11. Bad thing is I didnt get a photo of the bigger fish. The pics are 2 diff fish! My biggest so far and Ive gotten alot of fish Ohios not to brag but planner boards are CRAZY!!!!!!!;)
  12. did you get the pin and all that

    wow that sucks lol
  13. No I dont have any cert. from Ohio.