Lake Milton

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  1. Myself and a buddy toured Lake Milton to do some low impact fishing. The water levels in the lake looked rather high. We could buy a bite all evening 7:00 to 9:00 pm except for one quick run on a white twister tail, the run was heavy, pulled drag and then the hook came free. I have no idea what it was. This always seems to be the case.
    We also took a quick look see at the Lake Milton Spillway into the Mahoning River and it was a rather disheartening experience. The water level seemed to be a normal pool and they had one of the jets running full tilt. The place was over run with fishing pressure. We saw one gentlemen catch and land a 40” Muskie that was proudly displayed on a chain stringer through the gills and drug around the Dam area. This Muskie hit a redworm on a small blue gill hook. This fish was a beautiful looking specimen and it’s a shame that it met its mortal end. We also saw another angler keeping small pan fish and several under sized Smallmouth Bass in the 6 to 8 inch range. Another gentlemen was very successful snagging Yellow Perch, Suckers, and huge Carp. It really left a bad taste in my mouth. The park rangers were dong an excellent job of patrolling the beach parking lot and doing a drive by through the boat ramp, I only wish they would have exited their vehicles and adventured down to the spillway. Better luck next time…….TightLines!

  2. Headed back out there tonight for a few hours with Mad Man Mac. Hope to get hooked on something trollin besides the bottom. Finally got the MapCreate 7 up and loaded so Im ready!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry to hear about the guys over the wall.
  3. Almost makes you sick to hear things like that, although not unexpected.