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lake milton

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by nforcer1973, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. how's the fishing been at milton this year? normally the fishing stops at mosquito this time of year, and starts at milton. was going to try for eyes around the pointview area, any one tried that area yet? thanks
  2. Pointview on fire about three/four weeks ago. Mostly just under the 15" limit but lots of fun catching. Haven't been back- not much in the way of reports lately. Either they stopped or moved out of that area, or noone is talking!

  3. Was out there On Saturday with Bigdaddy 300. We got one walleye about 14" trolling and a smallie up by the dam. We found some fish floating around dead. One carp, one walleye 15-1/2" long with a rubber worm and 20 feet of braided line attached to him, a big white bass and this very big musky. I would say the musky was at least in the 20 lb plus range. I had to be over 40" What a shame on the musky.


  4. Hey Tigger, so people do fish north of rt 18.. I caught at 14'' smallie on a gold and black hot n tot the first 5 minutes we were there..Then a 14'' walleye..and that was it..We just started fishing milton more this year, so any input would be very helpful
  5. BigDaddy300

    BigDaddy300 multi species angler

    TIGGER and I just started fishing it last year and have only been a few times. Some of the trips were for musky. We are still learning it. We went up towards the dam just exploring. Most of our luck has been south of 18.
  6. i was there about 3 weeks ago and just slaying the eyes at point veiw my dad caught a 26 inch muskie lots of smallies afew white bass/crappy/catfish/carp/perch we got every thing in the lake but a largemouth bass it was wild for about a week or 2 most walleyes were 14inchs but we did limit out about 2-3 time me and my dad also got a few eyes in the 18-19inch range all fish came on a split shot and minnow drifting