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lake milton

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by peple of the perch, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. im going off the docks tommarrow for crappie can enyone give me tips.and if u want to join me go a head
  2. All Of The Crappies I Caught Were In About 15 Ft Of Water. Although I Didnt Get Much Time To Look For Shallower Fish, It Didnt Seem That There Was To Much In 10ft Or Less Making The Pockets Hold Some Fish. The Crappies Move Into The Bays The First Sign Of Turnover. They Love Minnows! I Found Most Of The Action SOUTH Of The BEACH (night). That Lake Is A Month And A Half Behind Berlin. ;) Jig OFF GRANDVIEW

  3. I caught and lost the largest crappie I had seen all year while fishing docks last Sunday. It was in about 5 foot of water in between the docks tight to the poles. I was actually flipping for bass at the time.
  4. Sorry About The Change In Place! I Dont Know The Area That Well. :(
  5. did anyone fish this place last night. how well did u do.i decided to go to mosquito got to fish for 6 minuts tops fished in half a foot of water didnt know about it till i left. lost a lure and drove the car in to a road rail while backin up should of gone with my first thought.oh well this was also my first time fishing scince sept.
  6. If You Have The Opportunity To Fish This Spot, There Is A Concrete Wall On The North Side Of The Bay. This Leads Out Into Deeper Water. On The Calm Nights U Can See The Shad Skimming The Surface! As The Wind Picks Up The Surface Action Will Decress. This Is When Shore Lights Are Best! Im Hitting This Spot Later In The Week To See If The Action Is Still There. The Later You Fish The Shallower You Fish! Mosquito Is One Of The Shallower Lakes In Northeast Ohio Except For Pymy, But It Does Hold Nice Crappies And Eyes. I Caught A 30 In Eye This Fall Throwing Cranks At Night In 12 Ft. Of Water. The Lake Was Down 2 Ft. :) ;)