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Lake Milton 06/04 & 06/05

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ODNR3723, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Took my boat out for the first time and wanted to cath some walleye on milton. Got there around 4PM and fished towards the 76 bridge in 8 ft. of water. Caught a pile of fish. Ended up with 6 keeper walleye and some nice gills. Probably caught a total of 25 walleye all around 14 inches. Needless to say they got put back in the water. Fishing with a homemade gold spinner. Very happy with my first outing on the new boat. Thanks to the guys who gave me some info on making my own spinner rigs. Sorry no pics.
  2. Good job..Were you trolling or drifting? Worms or minnows?

  3. We originally were drifting but once we started catching fish we dropped anchor. We used nightcrawlers. Tried minnows but did not get any walleye only a couple smallmouth.
  4. Thanks..What kind of Boat? Dad and I usually go to Milton..Maybe We'll see you up there..Terry
  5. It is a 1986 crestliner, 18 foot. Just got it a week ago. I will be at Milton tomorrow afternoon trying to get back into the fish.
  6. sounds like ima be up there in a lil while.good job on the fish.i just wish they'd put an 18in. limit on that lake,im make that my personal limit if i keep any.